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Branding is so Much More Than Advertising & Logos

30 Days to Develop Your Brand

Let’s get very clear right now about what is included in branding so that you understand how branding affects all aspects of your business from A to Z. Every single part of your business needs to be branded so that everything is consistent. The best way to build trust with your audience is to be consistent and proper branding helps you do that. But branding is so much more than advertising and logos. 

  • Your Purpose is Your Brand – The purpose of your existence is an important component to figure out because it will inform product creation, development, and delivery, not to mention how you engage with your customers. This is the reason your brand even exists. 

  • Products or Service – Of course, all your products or services should be consistent with your purpose in order to start being part of your brand. What you sell people is something your brand is going to be known for long after you aren’t there.

  • Price – Even your price point is part of your brand. Are you the price leader, or are you exclusive and high-quality, which costs a higher price? 

  • Location – This is hard sometimes for people to get a handle on today with the fact that many people are location independent, but the fact that you’re online is a location. Are you a YouTube influencer or are you a fashion influencer? One gets you jobs promoting on YouTube, and one opens other doors. 

  • Product Packaging – Yet another important place to insert your branding is with your product packaging or product cover images. Naturally, your logos and colors should be on display here, but so should your values. For example, if you’re known as someone who cares about the environment, your packaging - if you have a physical product - will be judged for consistency with your values.

  • Graphics & Images – When your brand has a persona (and it should), the types of graphics and images you use on your content, packaging, social media, your site, and anywhere else should be consistent with the branding you’ve created. 

  • Word Choices – Even your word choices are important when it comes to branding. You want to teach yourself and others to use certain tag lines, certain keywords, and a tone of voice that belongs to your brand as if they are a person. This is yet another way to keep things consistent. 

  • How You Treat People – This is an essential component to branding that isn’t often considered these days, and due to that, gives you such an easy way to stand out. How you treat your audience, customers, and others is always being observed by the public. Be consistent, and it will become part of your branding. 

  • Your Experiences & Culture – While many people don’t think of this as part of a brand, when you personify your brand in order to help promote the all-important know-like-trust principle, you will want to assign a particular experience and culture to your brand based on who you want to attract. 

  • Your Fonts & Colors – When you choose the colors and fonts that you will use throughout your business that represents the voice, personality, and values of your brand, it helps you create a particular theme or mood for your audience that contributes to the memory of your brand in the public’s mind. 

  • Your Business Name – Whether you give your business a name or you use your own name, the name is going to be known as your brand too. This is one of many reasons you want to choose very carefully whether you are going to use your own personal name or choose a brand-new word or name to represent your brand. 

  • Your Business Tagline – This is another place that you can help memorably brand your business. The entire point of using the same colors, fonts, and types of images throughout your business is to help people remember you. A tagline can make this easier. 

  • Your Business Mission Statement – This is probably one of the first things you should create when you are trying to brand your business. The business mission statement can help inform all aspects of the branding process as well as product creation, marketing, and promotion. 

As mentioned previously, branding is a lot about finding a way for you to be consistent. The branding process gives you insight into your business, your competition, and your audience as well as helps you create organization and systems that help your business run more smoothly. Branding is everything, and once you set out to do it, you’ll soon see that it rubs off on all areas of your business and makes a hugely positive impact.





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