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Create Evergreen Content That Sells

Finetuning Your Marketing

When you start developing content for your niche for content marketing purposes, you’ll want to create a lot of evergreen content. Evergreen content is content that can potentially last forever. However, it does depend on your niche. For some niches like food, the content can last forever, but for others such as anything to do with technology, no matter what you do, that content is not going to last forever without updates. 


The point of creating this content is to let it do the hard work for you, bringing awareness to your products and services as well as educating your audience about their pain points through their buying journey. You need to take the time to plan the evergreen content you are going to use on your blog, website, email marketing messages, social media, and more. 


As you plan your content, remember that the content must include a call to action of some kind, and you should be able to share it often to get more interest. You can share it on social media, run advertisements on Facebook, and even promote the content from your blog to your email messages to get more eyes on your content. 


Let’s explore some content creating ideas for creating more evergreen content that sells. 


Brainstorm Topics Based on What You Want to Promote 


The first thing you must do is figure out what topics can be made into evergreen topics for your niche. What has stayed the same over the last year, and what has changed? Don’t shy away from statistics and numbers because you can update that information but do mix in some posts that offer general information without stats and data that you need to update. 


Keep Track of Data-Centric Content So You Can Update It 


If you do include data-centric information in a post that you want to use as evergreen, that’s okay. You can do it. Just make sure you set a schedule to update it every period that the numbers will change. That may be monthly, or it could be yearly, it just depends on your own niche and how fast things do really change. Just put them in a spreadsheet and flag the date, so you or your virtual assistant is reminded to update the post. The cool thing about updating is that after you update it, that’s an excellent reason to reshare it and bring more traffic to your site due to the update.  


Promote Your Content on Social Media 


When you publish evergreen content, set up your automation so that it automatically reposts and promotes the content on social media. You can use something like to set up this type of automation. There is no reason you can’t share evergreen content with your audience almost every single day. The more you share it, the better. 


Promote the Content in Email 


Set up your autoresponder to capture the blog post and send it to your email list members based on how you have them segmented or tagged. If you publish it elsewhere, you’ll want to go into your autoresponder and manually add it to the email sequence that makes the most sense to read it. 


Create the Right Navigation So Your Content is Easily Consumed


When you create evergreen content, it can quickly get overshadowed by your newer trendy content. To avoid this problem, you’ll want to organize evergreen informational content in a way that anyone new to your site will know exactly what to read first before reading the trendy stuff.  You can use your menu system and your “About” page to help guide your readers. 


Finally, to create even more content, you can take every single piece of content you develop and repurpose it into different formats. An 8 point “how to” post can become a short eCourse. You can even turn that into a slide show, too, or a YouTube video. The reason you want to put content into new formats is that everyone learns differently. 




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