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Do’s and Don’ts to Be a Happy Affiliate

Affiliate Marketing to Boost Your Income

Successful affiliate sales come from frequent and meaningful connections with your tribe. Reaching out and promoting the goods, services, and products you endorse isn’t just one and done. You’ve got to be consistent and persistent to make sure your people hear the good news. 


Being an affiliate is more than giving someone a shout out. It’s important to have a marketing campaign with a goal-focused outcome. Taking consistent action will help ensure you capture as much of the market as you can. Here are some do’s and don’ts for being a happy affiliate. 


Do: Commit to a campaign- Many affiliate programs offer swipe copy that you can use to market through emails and social media. Pay attention to any marketing advice the product owner offers during the campaign. Commit to consistently promoting the product through the life of the campaign and pay attention to what methods seem to work well. Rinse and repeat.


Do: Pay attention to what is selling- If your audience is loving a specific product, make the offer again throughout the year. Offering products that have worked with your audience in the past can help make future sales even easier and less of a gamble.  


Do: Use contests to motivate you- Many affiliate programs offer contests for the most sales or reaching certain milestones. This can invigorate you and help you stay focused and committed to the campaign. If you are competitive and love contests this can help you become an excellent and happy affiliate. 


Don’t: Promote what you haven’t seen- It’s important to purchase the product yourself. Invest your own money to check the quality of the product and make sure it meets your standards and expectations. If you’ve experienced the product firsthand, it’s even easier to promote!


Don’t: Bypass the customer experience- You’ll want to know firsthand what the buying and delivery experience is like. Be sure to go through the funnel yourself so you can discover any glitches or problems, plus having done the exact thing your customers will do helps you if they run into any hassles. You can help them out rather than reaching out to customer service. 


Don’t: Ask for special treatment- Generally, the product owner has put a lot of thought into creating their affiliate program. They are confident in how it works and how they want to engage their affiliates. Be mindful of their protocols and avoid asking for special or unusual accommodations especially if they don’t know you.  


Being an affiliate is a great way to promote goods, services, and products you know matter to your tribe. Making money by sharing your enthusiasm and support for a program is a win-win. Be mindful of the do’s and don’ts that can make or break your happiness as an affiliate and you’ll thoroughly enjoy the opportunity. 



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