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Don’t Forget About These Pages

Finetuning Your Marketing

Optimizing your website is a great way to ensure that you get visitors and keep them on your website. There are some pages that people tend to overlook a bit, but you can use these tips to make them work better for you. If you want to create more profit centers and touchpoints, these are the pages you need to focus on.


About Page


To optimize your about page, you’ll want to really give it some thought to what that page is about. Despite the name of the page, it’s not really a page that should be about you. Instead, it should be about your audience in relation to you. The about page is arguably one of the most important pages on your website. 


The about page is a page that offers your visitors insight about you and what you do for them. This page should give your visitors an overview of your story. The story of why you started the business with a focus on the audience that you started the business for. 


To develop your about page, remember that you should tell your story but with the first thought toward your audience and how your story relates to them. It’s all about them, after all. Include a personal photo of yourself that fits the type of professionalism that is expected in your industry and niche. You can also be creative and include other kinds of images if it helps advance the understanding of your offers.


Keep the design of your about page very simple and focused. It’s okay to use video, images, and text. In fact, all these elements will make your website that much more effective and attractive. Pay close attention to the headline on your about page and ensure that the words you use bring awareness to the benefits you offer your customers. Make sure your colors match your branding and always include a call to action on your about page with a list building freebie. 


Thank You Page / Download Page


When you create a thank you or download page, realize that as a transactional page, meaning most of the people who buy or grab a freebie from you will go to this page. Since that’s true, you want to make the most of this page.


Congratulate and thank the people who visit that page since you know they either paid you or provided information about themselves to you to un-gate that page. Use the page to ask your audience to share it, showcase your thought leadership by recommending other products or services, and link to some of your most popular content. 


You can also add a survey to your download and thank you pages to help you make it even better over time. The main thing is that you want them to easily be able to grab the thing they think they’re getting, but you also want to deliver extra information to them that feels like a bonus to them. 


404 Error Page 


Every site has a coded error page included. The error page can help your audience find important information that they want even if they went to the wrong page. You can set up an error page to automatically give them links to other content they might like, as well as giving them message box to send you a message about the error, and you can even showcase your sense of humor, or send them to a sales page instead of the error page. 


Finally, you’ll also want to update and optimize your home page too. When your visitors come to your home page, they should be able to understand right away what the single most important message you want them to have is. Your home page should tell visitors who the brand is, what you do for them, and how it’s valuable to them. This is one page where the copy needs to be totally unique to you and your business. Plus, the navigation should make sense and help them progress through the information in an orderly way.





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