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Is Your Affiliate Program Up to Snuff?

Boost Your Affiliate Program Challenge

If you want to have a successful affiliate program, it’s vital that you ensure that it’s offering the things that affiliates need and want. For example, how does your affiliate program compare to your competition’s? Are you offering the types of tools that they need? Are you paying a fair commission? 

  • Study Your Competition – The people who are your direct competitors use something, and it’s probably that most of them are using specific software and way of working with affiliates that they’re used to. Study them, join their programs, make some sales. See how it works from the affiliate’s end. You can use this information to improve your program and make it more desirable to affiliates in that niche.


  • Ask Your Affiliates – If you already have affiliates, send a survey to them asking them what changes they’d like to see in your affiliate program. You can ask specific questions, or you can leave it open for them to just tell you what they’d like in an ideal world. Even if you only roll out one or two of the suggestions, it’s going to make a huge difference. 


  • Create More Tools for Your Affiliates – The more tools such as content, graphics, and education you can offer to your affiliates, the more likely they will be to promote you. If you make it cut and paste easy with step by step directions, they’re going to do it. For example, you can set up an autoresponder to the affiliate that offers cut and paste content they can send to their audience right away that includes their affiliate link.


  • Make More Offers – The more launches you have, the more you’re going to sell. But, the critical thing about this is that your affiliates are going to be more likely to promote you if you’re not a flash in the pan and they can count on you for exciting and regular launches on new products to promote. 


  • Create More Bonus Opportunities – Affiliates love a little competition, so having a contest for your new launches is a great way to encourage them. You can run these contests in your email set up for your affiliates, but you can also use social media such as via a Facebook Group just for your affiliates. This can give your affiliates time to get to know each other too and seeing firsthand how others are doing will encourage them also.


  • Use the Best Technology – Don’t skimp on the technology you use for your affiliate program. You don’t need the most expensive, but it’s not usually a good idea to rely on free software for something so important. You want to ensure whatever plan you use that it’s secure, accurate, and that it works efficiently.


  • Improve Your Commission Structure – Commission for digital affiliate products really should be a minimum of 50 percent commission rate. Check what your competition is doing but don’t set it lower for a digital product. You can go lower for physical products and personal time such as if you put your coaching program into your affiliate software too. 

One thing that is important to remember is that your audience and your affiliates may like something different than another group will love. Some niches exclusively use to run their affiliate program, and others use software like What you use really depends on what your affiliates want you to use. If the shopping cart interface is what your customer is used to what’s running, it won’t make as much different to them as it will your affiliates.




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