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Live Streaming Do’s and Don’ts

Live Streaming

There is no way to predict success as a live-streamer other than through your accurate planning and acknowledgment of what you do know and don’t know. Unfortunately, some things can certainly destroy it before you even get started. Therefore, it is always good to learn what not to do before going live to increase your chances of success. 


Here are some common live streaming don’ts and what to do about them: 

Don’t Start Without a Plan 

Plan for the future and each time you go live. Never go in without a plan or expect others to supply your content. Remember, you are likely to repurpose the content later anyway, so be sure to plan valuable content within your niche or industry. In other words, the more you focus on your content and perfecting it, the more your audience will build over time naturally. 


Don’t Always Expect an Audience 

You don’t need an audience to produce great content. Instead, act as if you have an audience at all times. Get used to talking to yourself or reacting even if you don’t get a response. It is important to note that some viewers may show and not communicate with the streamer at first. This is because they are trying to get a feel for who you are and want to make sure you are trustworthy or worth the engagement. If you expect your viewers to be the source of entertainment, they won’t stay around for long. 


Don’t Ignore Your Audience or Chat 

Do try to engage your audience. Welcome them in and introduce them by their username. Get them involved in the content creation and publishing process as much as possible. Ask telling questions to get to know them. Ask them directly how they feel about your content. 


Don’t Simulcast at First

Find the platform your target audience uses the most and stick to it. Use this time to become an expert on the platform to better communicate and interact with your viewers. Simulcasting can spread out your audience, making it too difficult to engage them properly. If one platform starts to obtain a larger audience than the other, it can be easier to gravitate that way and give them more of your attention, making the other platform feel left out. 


Don’t Skip the Webcam 

It is easy to be shy at first, but one of the main reasons viewers want to watch live content is seeing the creator in action. You truly are the thing that makes a difference in this world and your business as a streamer. No one else can be like you, but everyone can share their screen and show similar content. So if you are going to live stream a game, what makes you different from someone else sharing their screen of the same game?


Don’t Be Inconsistent 

You don’t have to stream every day to be successful, but you need a consistent schedule that your viewers can rely on. This way, when they free their schedule, they know it is for an important reason that they can trust you to fill it in and provide that entertainment besides someone or something else. 


Don’t Beg or Hard Sell Your Products

You don’t want to be a stereotypical old-fashioned car salesperson or appear forceful to your viewers and pressure them to donate or purchase your products. There are differences between asking someone to follow, subscribe, or like your content than begging for donations. Instead, it would be best to focus on producing high-quality content that focuses on your viewers’ wants and needs and inform them matter-of-factly how they can support you if they choose to. 

Keep your audience’s needs in mind as you plan your live-streaming content. If you follow these dos and don’ts, you will have a better chance of growing your audience and becoming a successful streamer.






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