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Simple Ways To Reduce Refunds And Returns

Finetuning Your Marketing

If you look at the marketing funnel, your work does not end after the purchase. In fact, your work is just now beginning at the point of purchase. Now is the time you can delight and thrill your customer. Not only can you make them feel satisfied, but you can also reduce buyer’s remorse and even turn them into brand advocates with just a few extra steps.


The truth is, anytime you sell something, you’re sometimes going to have returns that require refunds. The good news is that you can use these simple ways to reduce refunds and returns. However, even if you do get some returns know that it’s almost always better to return the funds and move on simply and quickly. 


It’s better to have someone glad to get their money back than someone badmouthing you on the net. Plus, if it’s a digital product, you’re not out anything much, and you really don’t need the stress of dealing with a difficult person. Whether they’re wrong or right, giving them the money back is often the best way to deal with it. Having said that, you can use these tactics to reduce issues.


  • Create Amazing Solutions – If your solutions provide what you promised to them in a fantastic package, your buyers are a lot less likely to want to return it or get their money back. 


  • Ensure Your Process Is Understandable – If it’s hard for your customer to get their product and use it after the purchase they’re not going to be happy. Ensure your process is easy to understand for everyone. 


  • Be Straightforward on Your Sales Pages – Sales pages are designed to sell, but that doesn’t mean you have full reign to lie or mislead anyone. Puffing smoke is one thing, but the truth is, you want to be straightforward and honest as possible on the sale page so that there is no disconnect from what they thought they were buying and what they get. In fact, you want them to be shocked at the value they get.


  • Make It Easy to Contact You – Don’t hide your contact information from your audience. Stop sending no-reply emails to them. The easier it is for them to contact you, the less frustrated they’ll become if something isn’t working right. 


  • Provide an FAQ – Create a product use FAQ and send it to your buyers in an email to show them the information they need to use your product to its full potential. 


  • Follow Up Fast – Don’t wait for following up. Your buyers should not only get their downloads within moments of purchase, but you’ll also want to send a series of follow up emails fast too that answer commonly asked questions and get them on the right path using your solutions. 


  • Provide Product Use Training – If there is a good way to go through and implement the materials that you’ve given them, show them by providing product training information. You can easily set this up as daily tips via email, but you can also send it as a bonus.


  • Check Up on Them Through Out the Period – Don’t just make the sale and forget about your customer. Instead, make sure you check up on them during the time it takes them to consume the product. Send them a message to find out if they have questions, offer a survey, or even give them a call. 


  • Send Unannounced Bonus Materials – After purchase is also a great time to let them know about any of the unannounced bonuses you included in the download. Even though they can see them, sending an email separately telling them where it is, how to find it, and how to use it will go far.


  • Invite Them to Your Community – Another way to elicit delight from your customers is to engage with them more intimately. A great way to do that today is to invite them to a message board, discussion area, or chat area such as a Facebook Group just for vital customers. 


  • Send Fascinating Case Studies – Another way to delight your customers is to show them other delighted customers' experiences. Send a case study and then ask them to send you their story too. 


As you can see, any information you can provide in addition to the product that they bought is going to help them feel good about their purchase. It all starts with the very first welcome, thank you, or download page message you send to them after purchase. 




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