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The Importance Of Creating A Dialogue With Your Subscribers

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Many business owners who start an email list think of it as one-way communication. However, that’s missing the point of creating an email list. Part of creating an email list is to get to know your audience and allow your audience to get to know you. If you aren’t creating a dialog with your email subscribers you’re missing out on a huge opportunity with your market. 

Advances Opportunities – When you set up your email so that your subscribers can reply directly to your questions via the email, you will expand trust exponentially compared to using a “no-reply” email as many big businesses do despite the proof that it will limit engagement. You can stand out by realizing this.

Increases Conversion Rate – Seeking to converse via email with your audience will help improve conversion rates. The reason is that people will start to trust you more if they can ask a question of you in email based on the email they’re responding to. This feels more personal to them than a ticketing desk. 

Shows Respect for Your Audience – Sometimes customer service is lacking today because the audience has turned into nothing more than numbers. But there are real people who have signed up to receive the information that you provide. By making it a two-way communication street, you’re showing them that you trust and respect them too. 

Improves Delivery – When you have a back and forth conversation with any of your list members it increases open rate and lets your members know you’re a real person. This will increase trust both personally and with the technology so that your messages are delivered at a higher rate. 

Increases Engagement – Obviously, if you ask your subscribers questions in email, either directly, or via a poll, that causes them to hit reply, and send, this is going to increase engagement with each member that responds. Better engagement automatically will mean a better return on investment. 

Improves Your Knowledge – Getting to know your audience helps you know what they need. You have a huge resource with your email list. You can ask them questions anytime you want. Not sure what to name your next product? Send an email and ask them. 

Increases the Know, Like & Trust Factor – The more you engage with your audience the more they will trust you. Engagement is the way to break out of the curse of the no face business that is easy to say no to into a real person behind the business that is designed to help your audience. 

Reduces Spam Complaints – When you communicate more with your list, it reduces spam complaints. The reason is again, the members of your list start seeing you as a person instead of a faceless business sending promotional materials. This causes them to remember you and that way they know that your messages are not spam. 

You’ll Stay Updated About Your Audience – Engaging with your audience also keeps you up to date on how your audience is changing. Some things about an audience may always stay the same, but as time progresses forward people change. Imagine how different commercials are today than they were in the 1960’s or 70’s and you’ll see that the audience for laundry detergent, for example, hasn’t really changed but their values have changed so marketing had to change too. 

When you create a dialog with your audience via email, you’ll increase engagement, improve trust, and you’ll get to know more about your audience than otherwise. Knowing your audience will help you with messaging, product creation, and in creating more engagement opportunities that they’ll like.






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