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You Do Have A Follow-Up Autoresponder, Right?

Finetuning Your Marketing

When it comes to keeping customers happy, one of the best ways to do so is to stay in touch with them regularly. The best way to do that is via email. Email marketing is still the most effective form of marketing that has ever existed, with most marketers reporting more than $40 earnings on every dollar spent. 


One of the most useful technologies you have in your back end is your autoresponder. An autoresponder is your email marketing software. Autoresponders enable you to schedule follow up emails to send to your list members and customers based on how you segment the members of your list, which is based on their behavior. 


For every single product, service, and freebie that you offer, you need to send a follow-up email series that you load into your autoresponder to be delivered to the right people at the right time. When you set the email series up, it’ll be delivered the moment they pay for the product or download the freebie. This is how you will nurture your customer or list member to engage with you, join you on social media, buy from you again, and even become a brand advocate. It all depends on what you want to accomplish.


When someone buys or downloads something from you and is now on your email list, you need to immediately deliver a series of follow up messages to them in the form of several emails sent out about one per day. Base the series on the exact audience member that you want to nurture based on what they bought or downloaded.


Create a series of follow up email messages that:


  • Nurture the Leads You Get from Your Freebie
  • Nurture the Lead You Gained from a Random Website Visitor
  • Nurture the Leads Generated from a Specific Guest Post 
  • Nurture the Customer Who Purchased Product A
  • Encourage Buyers of Product A to Convert to Buyers of Product B
  • Encourage Specific Members of Your List to Engage with You on A Social Platform 
  • Send an Onboarding Sequence 
  • Offer Supportive Information to Shopping Cart Abandons to Encourage Finishing Purchase
  • Create Follow Up Sequences for Everything 
  • Create Renewal Sequences if Your Product is Renewable
  • Set Up Educational Sequences When You Want to Teach Something New 


To make any email sequence truly perform at its best, you must differentiate between transactional follow-up messages and the rest of the messages. Transactional messages are sent directly after the customer buys from you, or the lead downloads a freebie and gets added to your email list. These are the messages that are most likely to be opened because your customer needs the information so they can access their purchase or the freebie they wanted. 


Make the most of the transactional emails you send because you can use it to explain how to get their purchase, but you can also tell them what to expect from you regarding email messages. Make it worth their while to want to open them by telling them about the unannounced offers you send in email, the educational benefit of opening your emails, and more. Set them up from the first email for success, and you won’t regret it.  You only need about 7 to 12 follow up messages in each sequence that you create, but it will make all the difference. Your systems and processes will make sales for you and transform your audience into brand advocates in a hands-off way once you set it up. Nothing could be better than that. 




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