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What Did You Missed On The Live Webinar & More Freebies





WELCOME NEW MEMBERS!  We are so happy that you are here.  We have so much to share with you.  You are here because you have opted to receive one of our products from a recent event and bundle.   

To listen to today's podcast, "Get out of your comfort zone,"  please go here:

Sorry, I am a few days late.  Read below and you'll know why.  I apologize for being late on my updates and emails.  My plans to catch up on the weekends didn't work out as planned.  Last Wednesday, I took my kids and their friends to a Pumpkin festival.  It was an outdoors event and everyone practiced safety.  However, the weather was much colder than normal (thanks to early winter storm), so I think I might have caught a cold.  My lungs have still not fully recovered from getting Covid and Pneumonia a few months ago.  And at the end of the night, I was having trouble breathing and my lungs were hurting when I breathe.  I didn't think much about it because I had my inhaler, but I definitely felt it the next morning and for several days after that.  I was pretty much bed ridden.  I did managed to get myself out of bed and made myself look presentable for my webinars that I had to be on camera.  I bet those who attended, didn't know that I was suffering terribly.  And towards the end, my lungs were in so much pain.  So back to bed I went to rest.  It took me all the way to Sunday night and through Monday morning.   And I am writing this email on Monday morning at 3am so that it can go out in a few hours.  

Today, I want to talk about stepping out of my comfort zone to achieve greatness.  If you have been following me for a while, you will know that I am an introvert, despite how my exterior looks.  Don't judge a book by it's cover.  I did not like being camera and I was as nervous as heck to start my own solo webinar series.  But through much encouragements from my mentors and peers, I ventured out of my comfort zones anyways.  I took a leap of faith and I am still here alive to tell you my tales. 

Thank you so much for all of those who joined me Live on my webinar on Friday.  I scheduled only 90 minutes for the call, and we ended up having 90 minutes of recorded training time.  And went on to another 90 minutes additionally with deep dive confidential questions and answers about your businesses.  And let me tell you, the conversations keep getting better and better, the more webinars that we do.  People felt more comfortable sharing and talking.  And it was all confidential because it wasn't recorded.  A treat for those who attended live. 

I share A LOT of tips, tricks, and information that would never be shared anywhere.  This is where I can be very open with you and not hold back at all. I really have enjoyed my live events with all of the peeps who have showed up repeatedly for my live sessions.  Thank you so much for engaging and participating.  You guys make the sessions enjoyable for me :). 

I gave away PLR goodies and lots of business growth tips and advice.  All of the answers and contents shared were catered specifically to those who attended live.  And I can say that everyone who shared live on the webinar, walked away with a whole new mindset; and lots of ideas to take their business to the next level.  I am so excited for them.  Yes, I love giving away stuff.  But you have to come live to get the freebies.  I only give stuff that people need to grow. 

This product speaks to me so much!  And I can see this being a great product to implement in some of your niches.  If you need a niche clarity session, just let me know.  I had so much fun helping some of you today figuring out your niches and how to expand on your niches too.  You know who you are and I cannot wait to see more.  I LOVE to see others grow. 

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Replays are available now on the website.  However, the real values are in the Live sessions and being there live.  Because you get that interaction with me and others.  And get your problems solved on the spot.  I have found that I grow the most from live trainings.  That is why I have paid so much money to be in so many masterminds when I first got started.  

Bonuses to products and bundles should be up already.  I uploaded all of the bonuses and gift certificates to the vendor's dashboard and W+.  So where you purchased the products, is where my bonuses are located (if you did purchased through my links).  I am sorry that I was slow to upload everything due to having to chaperone too many school events and my health issues.  If you did not receive any bonuses and you are sure that you purchased through my links, then just email me a receipt and the name and email address that you purchased your product through.  I can verify with the vendors and get you your bonuses.  Just send me an email and I will get you squared out right away. I am also answering emails as quick as I can.  Some emails have been caught in the Spam box and I have to manually fish them out.  I really appreciate your patience.  If you don't hear from me, just send me another email so that your email can be on top.  I get THOUSANDS of emails everyday in multiple inboxes.  


Some of you have been asking me for help with KDP.  And I will tell you that I am not confident enough to teach KDP because it's not something that I rely on heavily to make money online.  I think it is fun and there are opportunities in making money with KDP but I make way more in other niches so this is something that I do not have any plans in making courses for.  However, I do take KDP courses from other people and some of the courses that I have taken are located below and I do recommend the course creators.   


  • KDP Quickie

    These “KDP Quickies” are in PDF format. The title page and copyright page are editable. All you do is edit those two pages, save the document again and you are ready to publish.  The covers can edited with any software like PowerPoint, Photoshop, Affinity, Photopea, Canva etc. They are already created at the correct size for KDP. GET IT NOW>> **Qualifies for 1 bonus credit.

    • Photoshop/Affinity Strip Templates

      We have created a series of layered templates in PSD format that you can use to create the following types of products.  Use this code: STRIPM20 to get a 20% discount valid until the 18th of October.  GET IT NOW>> **Qualifies for 1 bonus credit.

      • Page borders
      • Book cover enhancements
      • Scrapbook embellishments
      • Junk journal embellishments
      • Book marks
      • And more …
    • Digital Gratitude Planner - Month 19 of Digital Planner Bonanza

      This planner has been designed for GoodNotes and similar online digital applications. It forms part of the Digital Planner Bonanza Monthly membership. Non members can get it at the full price.  Discount code DGRAT20 valid until Monday the 18th of October for a 20% discount.  GET IT NOW>> **Qualifies for 1 bonus credit.


    • Brand New 4-Week Ecourse - “Get Out of Your Comfort Zone & Achieve Greatness”with Private Label Rights. Just Brand, Monetize and Publish.  ONLY $14.95 LAUNCH PRICE. 

      GET IT NOW>>Get Out of Your Comfort Zone 4 Week Ecourse PLR

        • This 4-Part Ecourse includes the following:

          • 4 Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Reports: You get 4 illustrated guides (36 pages/ 13,466 words) (.doc) that teach your readers step-by-step how they can get out of their comfort zone so they can live the life they deserve!
            Topics Include:

                                        1. Why Leaving Your Comfort Zone is Important
                                        2. Understanding Your Comfort Zone
                                        3. Challenging Your Comfort Zone
                                        4. Rewriting Your Life

          • 4 Detailed Checklists: You get 4 checklists (8 pages/ 906 words) (.doc) that will give your readers a summary of what steps to take based on each of the instructional reports.
          • 4 Worksheets: (10 pages/ 609 words) (.doc) One to accompany each of the reports so your readers can stay on track while learning how to get out of their comfort zone to achieve greatness.
          • 4 Professionally-Designed Ecover Sets: .JPG and .PSD with flat cover and 4 x 3D versions to go with each report to help your opt-ins stand out.
          • 4 Course Delivery Emails: Add these emails to your autoresponder and deliver the course materials over 4 lessons. We've made it super easy!
          • 1 Lead-Generating Opt-in Page: To help you grow their list with this content, we’ve included the opt-in copy and the WordPress-ready code.  

            GET IT NOW>>

      UPSELL #1: 52 Week Email Series with Bonus To-Do List, Checklist Templates + 2 MORE BONUS Template Packs.  So if you struggle to write emails, then get it done for you for the next year!  

        Launch price is $67 with the coupon code: 12MONTHS. Save $30 through Wednesday October 20, 2021.After launch price will be $97. There are 120 different templates included, 10 for each month of the year. These designs were orginially created for my Pinterest Pizazz Pack membership, which has now closed, since the year finished.  GET IT HERE>> 


      The Homepreneur's Adventure: Part 2 Virtual Summit.  REGISTER TODAY>>

      I am on the organizing committees for Homepreneur's Adventures and there is an incredible lineup this year.  OMG, it's like the All Stars of Online Entrepreneurship!  Homepreneur's Adventures is now open for Early Bird Registration.  Find out all of the news of the hottest events and bundles right here in my weekly newsletters.  

      Early Bird registration will run through October 25th, the day before the Summit launches, and early registration will get you a $10 discount on the Premium bundle when it goes live late on the 25th ;-), so hurry on over and GET SIGNED UP NOW>>

      So if you want the discount code - sign up now because there will NOT be an extension for the Early Bird discount! You snooze, you lose!!   

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      And NO, you do NOT need a website or a list to get started with affiliate marketing.  Take my FREE Affiliate Marketing course if you want to learn how to get started with affiliate marketing.  And then sign up for the Homepreneur's Adventures summit (It's FREE), and register to be an affiliate.  



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      Growing a loyal audience that keeps coming back to you for more.
      * Earning more per sale, even if you sell low cost products like low cost products like printables, print-on-demand products, ebooks and other digital products

      Go here for the full details and get in quickly. 

      Each month, you will get 40 – 50 pages of valuable market research for top-performing low content books each month. Keep on top of the changing market for journals, planners, and other low-content works such as coloring books and workbooks. Low Content genres are featured in a quarterly rotation: Journals for month 1, Planners month 2, and another type of low content book the 3rd month of the quarter. 


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        • My bonus:
        • Get The Front End product and you'll get 1 bonus credit. 
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          NEED HELP ON ETSY? 

          • Listen to my podcast episode about my Etsy experience,"Let's Talk About Etsy," here for free:  Some of you have been asking me for some Etsy tips.  Consistency is key, so my friend Lori has a 92 days accountability group for your Etsy stores.  Sign up today before the price goes up tomorrow.  I had forgotten all about this deal.  GET IT NOW>>.   BONUS: Sign up for Lori’s accountability group through my link and I will GIFT you an Etsy course for  Free.  I have to upload the video recordings.  So give me a few days to upload that.  But the videos that I will provide for you in this bonus will teach you the ins and outs of Etsy (the technical parts).  Paired with Lori's accountability group is perfect to help get you Etsy success.


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          OTO is Cinnamon Essential Oil Coloring Pages for $10

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                • 8 Free Product Templates

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                    • 2022 At-A-Glance calendars that would be great this time of year as everyone is preparing planners for 2022!  <<GET THE FREEBIES NOW>>
                    • FREE COURSE - AFFILIATE MARKETING 101>>

                      Many of you have been asking me for months and I finally got something put together for you to sample.  This will be a project that I will be adding more content to as time goes on.  Some of you know that I have a flagship product that I am working on.  It is really MOMENTOUS and so it has taken me so long to put it all together.  I am putting out bits and pieces of it to get feedback and tweaking it.  So please let me know what more you would like for me to add to it.  I really love the affiliate marketing business model and I wanted to put this course together to help others succeed in it too.  For many years, I have spent so much money and time.  And I have taken so many courses from so many "Gurus" who have promised that they can teach me to make money with affiliate marketing.  And they made it look so hard and confusing that I never could get anywhere with it.  Despite spending so much money and time.  I've gotten to where I am now with the help of several very great mentors along the way.  And I would love to help you be successful too with my own system and unique formula.  REMEMBER, I made this course for you guys!  I am not even charging for it!  All that I am asking for is your feedback.   You have to sign up for my affiliate program to make the most of this affiliate marketing course.  I mean, what is the point of you taking an affiliate course if you are not even an affiliate yet?  So what are you waiting for?  I am giving you want many of you have been asking for, so take the offer!  It won't be free forever!  SIGN UP FOR MY AFFILIATE PROGRAM.  HERE: The access information will be emailed to you for the affiliate course.  
                    • MY FREE Resource Library Here >>

                      This is my way of saying Thank you for being apart of my community.  I love and appreciate every one of you so much!  New recourses are added weekly.  EVERYTHING in this section is FREE.  Just type in the password to get it Free.  The password is: VIP.   Please sign up for our newsletter to receive the most current password for the month.  

                    CHECK OUT THE BONUSES...

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                    EVERY PURCHASE WITH MY LINK ($17 AND OVER) AND USING MY COUPONS WILL QUALIFY FOR A BONUS PRODUCT CREDIT.  New items added every week!  I am putting together an exclusive collection of Bonuses for you!  You can also opt for a gift certificate as well.  Gift Certificates will be for the same amount that was spent on your purchase.  **For products that does not have a bonus credit available, please email me your receipt and I will issue you a gift certificate in the amount that was spent on your invoice.  Thank you!  


                    I really enjoy receiving emails from you guys asking me business questions.  So keep them coming.  It lets me know what you need help on and what you want me to talk about.  Running a business is so much more than a few softwares and spreadsheets.  I've been doing this for almost 25 years.  

                    MORE GOODIES TOMORROW! 


                    WEEKLY DEALS:

                    MORE HELPFUL RESOURCES:

                    TONS MORE FREEBIES:


                    To Your Success!

                    -Helen Ross-




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