Creating A Mailing Calendar For The Week / Month

By now you have a general plan of what you want to accomplish this month, a general idea of how often you want to mail, and the content strategy you mapped out yesterday. All of this information combined will make it easy to get through today’s task – creating a mailing calendar for yourself.  This calendar will make it easy to stay on top of your tasks. With the schedule in hand you can wake up in the morning, grab your coffee, glance at your calendar, and get to work crafting your email. Which brings up a good point. Email...

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Influencer Marketing Software Platforms to Utilize

Influencer Marketing

You may feel slightly overwhelmed about finding the right influencers. After all, there are many blogs, vlogs, and channels, and platforms out there to search. But have no fear. You don’t have to search through the platforms on your own to find the right influencer, and you can instead use one or more of these options to help you find the right influencer for your business: 1. Upfluence.com – This platform offers many tools for you to use to find and run profitable influencer campaigns. They keep track of each influencer you work with, manage payments, and even offer many tools...

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Welcome and Why Your Affiliate Program Matters

Boost Your Affiliate Program Challenge

This is a very exciting time for you and for me. I’m so happy that you’re participating in this month-long challenge and that you’re doing it with me. This blog post is kicking off a series of 30 blog posts that will help you understand why you need an affiliate program and the best way to set it up for your needs. First, let’s discuss the benefits of running your own affiliate program and how minimal changes to your program can lead to a significant impact on your bottom line. You’ll Get More Traffic – It’s just math. The more...

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Five Ways to Prevent Scope Creep In Project Management

Posts Project Management

When you don't set proper project management procedures, clear communication, or understand a project's expectations thoroughly, scope creep can happen. This is when the scope or details of the project keep expanding or get away from the objectives first set. This can prevent unfinished projects, lead to unorganized work, and use important resources, so it is important to avoid scope creep whenever possible.    The following are five ways to prevent scope creep in project management:  Start with a Project Scope Statement  This statement includes all the information needed to complete the project, including goals, objectives, and the deliverables required...

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Four Steps to Launching Your First Affiliate Marketing Program

Marketing Strategies for the Solo Entrepreneur

Affiliate marketing generates revenue from your existing customers whether you have a product or not and helps you double yourself if you have products to sell yourself by letting others do the selling.  Affiliate programs allow businesses to tap into an existing customer base and generate revenue by offering commissions for every sale if you're unfamiliar with the concept.  With affiliate marketing programs, you can use people to promote your product for you and receive a commission on their sales. You can think of an affiliate program as a type of online advertising. The business rewards the salesperson, called an...

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