Four Steps to Launching Your First Affiliate Marketing Program

Marketing Strategies for the Solo Entrepreneur

Affiliate marketing generates revenue from your existing customers whether you have a product or not and helps you double yourself if you have products to sell yourself by letting others do the selling.  Affiliate programs allow businesses to tap into an existing customer base and generate revenue by offering commissions for every sale if you're unfamiliar with the concept.  With affiliate marketing programs, you can use people to promote your product for you and receive a commission on their sales. You can think of an affiliate program as a type of online advertising. The business rewards the salesperson, called an...

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Four Important Tips for New Life Coaching Entrepreneurs

Business Tools and Tips for Life Coaches

As a new life coaching entrepreneur, it is crucial to be aware of some essential tips that can help you succeed. These tips are important to building a successful business that generates revenue and provides value to your clients.    Here are four tips you need to know as a new life coach:    Start Building Your Network Right Away It is imperative to start building your professional network as soon as possible. This can include networking with other coaches and professionals in the field, attending local events and conferences, and getting involved with online communities or groups related to...

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SELLING ON ETSY HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER! PREVIEW VIDEO HERE CHOOSE THE EASY SOLUTION! I have something here that will HELP YOU SELL YOUR PRODUCTS on Etsy!  Showcasing your products professionally is going to help you convert your lookers into buyers.  It's really simple, good looking product listing photos helps increase sales.  My team and I have done all of the hard work for you!  You will have the ability to reuse the templates that we have done for you, over and over again.  The Easy Etsy Template System includes editable Canva Templates that you can edit, customize, and re-use...

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WEDNESDAY Are You Ready For The Scariest Season?

MORE RESOURCES PLANNERS AFFILIATES   WELCOME NEW MEMBERS!  We are so happy that you are here.  We have so much to share with you.  You are here because you have opted to receive one of our products from a recent event and bundle.     Fall is definitely in the air, everywhere that I go.  And all of the stores are filled with black and orange and fall colors.  I just love Fall because it's not too hot and it's not yet too cold.  And I get to whip out all of my collections of amazing coats.  Did I ever...

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