About Us



Meet Helen Ross - a seasoned entrepreneur and ardent advocate of digital business, consistently shaping the world of online entrepreneurship for over two decades. As the founder, CEO, and Creative Director of three distinctive brands, Helen leverages her vast experience and insights to offer an array of digital products and resources tailored for the ambitious entrepreneur. 

At the heart of her empire lies ILOVEPLANNERS.COM, where Helen provides a treasure trove of digital products to simplify and enrich the lives and businesses of many. These carefully curated offerings - from meticulously designed digital planners and journals to innovative business toolkits, templates, and art graphics - embody Helen's commitment to efficiency and organization.

Her lifestyle brand, Bizzypreneurs.com, caters to the dynamic entrepreneur who, like her, seamlessly juggles various roles and responsibilities. This platform serves as a testament to Helen's own journey as a thriving entrepreneur and a dedicated parent, offering practical tips, guidance, and inspiration to those aspiring to balance their personal and professional lives without compromising their treasured moments.




The jewel in Helen's entrepreneurial crown is the DIGITAL STARTUP ACADEMY.COM, born out of her passion for teaching and empowering others to realize their dream life. This digital startup haven provides comprehensive training and solutions for all phases of online business - from inception to scaling, and everything in between. Whether you're just embarking on your digital business journey or a seasoned entrepreneur looking to grow, the Academy has resources to propel you to new heights.




Having experienced and overcome the technical pain-points and challenges faced by today's entrepreneurs, Helen has created the DIGITAL STARTUP TECHIE LIBRARY. Home to over 100 courses and 2000 video lessons, the Library makes high-quality education accessible to everyone, irrespective of their budget constraints. This affords all entrepreneurs - from solopreneurs to small businesses - the opportunity to learn, implement, and flourish at their own pace, without the burden of excessive financial investment.




Further enhancing the learning experience, Helen offers an affordable $7/mo membership, granting members special access to an online community group and exclusive courses not found in the Techie Library. This embodies Helen's belief in the power of shared knowledge, collaborative learning, and a supportive community in the journey of digital business growth.




Guided by a vision to make knowledge abundant and accessible, Helen dedicates proceeds from her programs to the Digital Startup Scholarship Program, recognizing and rewarding entrepreneurs for their exceptional contributions to their communities.

Join Helen in her mission to democratize digital business learning and discover the power of digital products in transforming your entrepreneurial journey. Step into Helen's world - a place where digital business and education meet, helping you navigate the vast seas of online entrepreneurship with confidence and success.