Welcome and Why Your Affiliate Program Matters

Boost Your Affiliate Program Challenge

This is a very exciting time for you and for me. I’m so happy that you’re participating in this month-long challenge and that you’re doing it with me. This blog post is kicking off a series of 30 blog posts that will help you understand why you need an affiliate program and the best way to set it up for your needs. First, let’s discuss the benefits of running your own affiliate program and how minimal changes to your program can lead to a significant impact on your bottom line.

  • You’ll Get More Traffic – It’s just math. The more people who are out there talking about and promoting your products, the more traffic you’re going to get. It’ll happen in multiple ways - from people clicking links in the affiliate’s post but also due to having more links into your site, you’ll rank higher in search results.


  • You’ll Expand Brand Awareness – The more people who are out there online talking about your products, the more people who will recognize your name and your products. This creates more brand awareness just because more people are talking about you.


  • You’ll Build Brand Trust – As more people review and talk about your products even though they will get paid if they make a sale, it still helps to build trust. When people see your name often that brand awareness that they gain at first turns into trust as you continue to remain a player in your niche long term. 


  • You’ll Rank Better in Search Engine Results – When you have more links linking into your landing pages, and more blog posts about your products that mention your brand and maybe even your name if your business is named after you, you’re going to rank higher in search results. 


  • You’ll Make More Sales – Because you’re going to get more traffic, you’re going to make more sales. Of course, you will need to ensure that your sales pages are converting and that you create amazing products that really work.


  • You’ll Only Pay for Qualified Sales – The remarkable thing about bringing on affiliates is that you only pay if they make a sale. That means that you’ll have to receive the money and there is no refund on the purchase. Even if immediate automatic payments are made for those affiliates who qualify for that, refunds come from the seller and you.


  • You’ll Build Profitable Relationships with Super Affiliates – Once you start running your affiliate program professionally, you’ll start getting requests from your affiliates if you keep the lines of communication open. This can lead to new ideas, JV partnerships, and more.


  • You’ll Build Your Business Faster – Because you’re almost duplicating yourself (several times), you’re going to build your business faster if you recruit, train, and encourage an army of affiliates to work with you.

Along with the traffic, the awareness and the relationships you’ll build with your affiliates there is the satisfaction in knowing that not only are you making more money yourself, you’ll be giving other people a fantastic opportunity to promote high-value and quality products that you’ve created. Money in the bank feels good, but so does helping other people build their business and career too. 






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