Copy of Planner Sticker Maker Kit Bundle/ For Printable Planners/ For Digital Planners - Easily Make Planner Stickers Super Fast. Includes Commercial Use. No.618
Copy of Planner Sticker Maker Kit Bundle/ For Printable Planners/ For Digital Planners - Easily Make Planner Stickers Super Fast. Includes Commercial Use. No.618
Copy of Planner Sticker Maker Kit Bundle/ For Printable Planners/ For Digital Planners - Easily Make Planner Stickers Super Fast. Includes Commercial Use. No.618

Copy of Planner Sticker Maker Kit Bundle/ For Printable Planners/ For Digital Planners - Easily Make Planner Stickers Super Fast. Includes Commercial Use. No.618

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Over 80 Files

Files Available come standard in PNG format and or JPG formats. 

When available, the JPG and PDF files might also be included without any extra charge. 


Standard 8.5x11 inches size

***DIGITAL FILES ONLY. Files may come in the forms of PNG, JPG, and/or PDF may be included but not always.  

BONUS: 1 Digital Sticker Journal

BONUS: 1 Course on how to use your blanks.

FREE LIFETIME UPGRADE to this edition included.

Small Business Commercial License Included. 

SEE TERMS OF USE BELOW & on our website and blog.


This listing is for a downloadable digital products. Following your purchase, you will receive an email containing information how and where you can download your digital files.  Most files are available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD. 


*The watermark will NOT appear on your digital files. *

All you have to do is complete your payment. Then, your printable will be ready for download (no physical item is shipped to you).

How the process works:

  1. Purchase the listing.
  2. Once payment has been confirmed, you will be directed to the download page.
  3. Click “Download” and save the PNG file to your computer.
  4. When you’re ready, print the image, and enjoy!

NOTE: This is a digital download ONLY. Your purchase does NOT include framing materials. Also, the final print quality depends on the type of printer and paper used. For best results, print your printable at your local photo center.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about your download. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Thank you!


You can use any type of paper really.  But we recommend laser printing on high quality photo paper or thick card stock papers.  But you can use just regular white laser or ink jet paper and frame it. Colors may vary per printer model and brand.  



*Add Texts and Cliparts to the blanks to make NEW products. 

*You CAN sell anything that you make as long as the files are flattened to a PDF or JPG files. 

*You CAN sell your creations anywhere.  Credit is not required and is always appreciated. 

*You CAN sell whatever you make from the original files as long as they are to an end consumer for personal use.  And as long as the files are in non editable PDF or JPG formats. 

*You CAN embed the sticker sheets into your digital planners to sell to an end user.  BUT it must be a PDF flattened file that you are selling within your digital planners and cannot be extractable. 

*You CAN sell physically printed out products to sell.  Just please make some kind of changes to it first like add some texts to the sticker templates and clipart.  

*You CAN add these to your digital planners if you are selling Digital Planners.  As long as it is embedded into your Digital Planners and is Sold as as PDF along with your Digital planners.  You just cannot sell the Digital Stickers as an extractable file or graphic. 

*You CAN sell whatever you make NEW on Etsy and other marketplaces.  BUT you must make some kind of changes / addition to the original product.  Otherwise Etsy and other marketplaces will take you down.  That is a risk that we do not control and want to make you aware of it.  You CANNOT take the original product and list them as is on Etsy or other marketplaces.  So as long as you make something new, you are good to go. 

*You CAN sell physical products from our files.  You can use our files w/ cutting machines like Cricut and Silhouettes, Brothers Print & Cut Machines, etc... You can turn our files into cut files for your personal use only.  You CANNOT turn our files into cut files or SVG files and sell the cut files or SVG files.  That would allow others to copy our designs and would be a violation of our copyright. 

This comes with COMMERCIAL USE LICENSE - which means that you CAN sell your newly created products to an end user.  BUT copyright will always remain with our brand.  We do not require that you give us credit.  We can be your secret :)

You CANNOT turn our files into SVG or extractable files and sell them as exactable files.  You can only sell flattened files as png, pdf, jpg.  This is so no one else can steal our designs.  Thank you for your understanding. 

This is NOT a Business to business license.  So you CANNOT sell anything to anyone else who will then turn around and sell that to someone else.  Source files are NOT included with this listing.   You CANNOT sell the original files digitally anywhere. 

This is a Business to Consumer license.  The "Business" entity is you, and the "Consumer" is your customer.  For their personal use.  The commercial license does NOT transfer over.  If you would like to sell commercial license goods, please sign up as an affiliate.  We have hundreds of active affiliates right now who are making money as our affiliate.  We have a very generous program.  Check it out. 

*Terms of use are subject to change without notice to clarify further if someone needs more details* 


Sign up to our Members Area to receive the latest coupon codes and newest products.  We never spam. Go to our website and sign up. 

This listing is for the DIGITAL FILES ONLY and no physical items will be sent to you. Colors may vary slightly from what is viewed on your computer screen.

Due to the digital nature of the product, all sales are final. Please contact us if you have any issues with your purchase and we will be happy to help you resolve them.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to make sure that you know the file requirements for your chosen printer.  We cannot be responsible for your printer and paper choices. 

We recommend using a laser printer for better printing quality.  However, most people will probably have an inkjet printer because they are cheaper and easier to use.  

The standard printing setting for most printers is Photo Paper and Best quality printing.  However, you should always research the best printing setting based on your printer model. And the type of paper that you will be using with your printer.  

You can also have a professional  printing service place print your files for you.  We cannot predict what their exact file requirement will be, so if you need a specific file requirement, please contact us and we are happy to send you what the print shop requires.  But from our experience, most print shops are able to use the universal files that we provide in your download files section. 

Please read all the descriptions because we cannot be responsible if customers do not read instructions or listing descriptions.  And ask any questions before purchase. Thank you. 


check out thousands of other digital products available in our shop.  We also a lot of freebies and samples that you can try out for FREE.  Check out our blog for FREE resources and tutorials. 















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