BIRTHDAY PLANNER - 40 PAGES OF PLANNERS, JOURNALS, COLORING PAGES, PLANNER STICKERS, AND SO MUCH MORE. Commercial Use Included. Mix & Match Pages to make your own unique planner, journal, etc... You can use them as is, or add your brand to the pages and brand them as your own. Use them to give away, get leads, or sell them on Etsy or your own website. Keep All of the profits. The only thing that you cannot do is claim copyright to them and you cannot sell them as PLR/Commercial Use. Commercial use rights does not pass onto the end user.

Our terms of use is extremely simple.  You can sell whatever new product you make to an end user for their personal use. So you can use our digital and printable files to make physical items to sell or digital items to sell.  Sell these in any format that will not allow your user to steal our original digital files.  So for example, any flattened, PDF, PNG, JPG, etc... is fine to use.  You don't even have to give us credits (but it's always appreciated).  And you keep all of the profits.  

Also, you get instant gratification with our INSTANT DOWNLOAD delivery system.  As soon as you finish checking out, our system will grant you access right away and you can download all of the files instantly.  No more waiting.  get instant access right away. 

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