Do you teach/ recommend specific tech for the programs?

Yes, I am teaching some of the tech in this workshop.  Specifically tools that I use myself in my own business and life.  And maybe other alternatives that I might use as well.  There are so many tools out there that I can't teach all of them.  Because technology can change and there are more than 1 way to do something.  I will walk you through how to make the right decisions for you.  And I will recommend some tech solutions that I use.  

This course also includes a few spreadsheets already setup for you so that you can jump in and get started implementing right away. 

Is this worth my time? How long will this take?

This course was made for busy entrepreneurs who juggles a lot of different projects and who may not always be sitting at the computer.  So it was made for entrepreneurs to quickly consume the contents and easily implement the skills.  So that they can quickly move on with their life.  And see quick results after they implement the techniques taught in the course. 

Do you have a refund policy?

If you go through the course and feel like you didn’t learn anything new or useful for your business, let me know within 7 days of purchase and I'll refund you. Please note this refund policy does not cover a change of mind. If you request a refund we will ask you for feedback on how the course didn't meet your expectations so we can improve our courses in the future.  I am REALLY serious about wanting to help you succeed.  I can lead a horse to the water but I cannot make it drink it.

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