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 What is the difference between the referral link and the coupon code? 
The referral link is the link to a specific product or page on the vendor's website that is unique to you.  It is the ONLY way that a vendor of that website can track the lead and sale back to you, to pay you the commission.  The coupon code is the extra special bonus that is given to you by the vendor/seller for you to help you get more sales.  And you GIVE the coupon code for your list/ followers to entice them to buy through your link!  It's a win-win.  You customers get a discount when they purchase, you make the sales commission, and the vendor makes the sale. 
Example) So let's say the product costs $40 on the vendor's website.
You take the URL of that sales page or product page, and you get follow the instructions on the vendor's website to turn that URL into a unique affiliate URL that is unique to you!  It is different on every vendor's page so you have to follow the instructions for that vendor's website.  I have provided video tutorials for my website, but I know that others do not. Once you have your unique affiliate url, you take this and sprinkle it EVERYWHERE!  Put it on your emails, newsletters, blogs, websites, social medias, flyers, etc... wherever you can put a link, put a link.  This is your buy button!
And then to get people to go for the offer and click on your affiliate link, you give them the coupon code.  So that they can get an extra discount with you!  

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