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HAPPY FATHER'S DAY Everyone!  Celebrate ALL of the Dads in your life.  From Grandpa to Uncles, to Dads and Dog Dads!  It takes a lot of work to be a good Dad so let them know that you love and appreciate them.  Here are 50 ideas that you can do to celebrate the men in your life!  I also made you some Father's Day cards that you can print out at home.  Have everyone in the family write a note and sign it.  20 FREE FATHER'S DAY CARDS BELOW. 

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    • 1. Shopping.  Dad likes to shop just as much as Mom.  Think Nordstrom, Home Depot, Lowes, Costco, etc... 
    • 2. Steak Dinners.  Treat Dad out to a nice dinner with the family.  Let him order the biggest Steak and Lobster.  Make him feel spoiled.  A way to a man's heart is through his stomach.  
    • 3. Have a PICNIC at the park or inside the house.  If you live somewhere close to nature of a state park, go there.  Picnic is a view is the best. 
    • 4. Create an At-Home Wine Tasting experience.  If Dad doesn't drink alcohol, you can always do tea or coffee tasting.  How about Soda tasting from different soda drinks from around the world?!
    • 5. Go Nature Watching.  Go on a hike and bring your binoculars to watch some birds, deer, and other critters.  
    • 6. Make Dad Breakfast in Bed.  Whip up some scramble eggs or egg benedicts (whatever Dad likes), with some pancakes, french toast, toast w/ butter, sausage, hashbrowns, fruit salads, and oh so much more.  Don't forget the coffee, orange juice, and milk.  Wow, now I am feeling hungry!
    • 7. Build something together with Dad like a RC Remote Control Car, a bird house, or put together some furnitures.  
    • 8. Take Dad to the park or to a mountain trail and do some Mountain Biking. 
    • 9. Have a backyard BBQ.  Dad never says no to a BBQ.  He'll probably want to cook that steak, burgers, shrimp, kaboobs, and whatever else he can grill. 
    • 10. Go to the Museum with Dad. 


  • 11. Put on an outdoor movie night for Dad and the family.  Have dinner or snacks outside w/ a projector screen.  Invite neighbors and friends. 
  • 12. Try something new.  Try a new food that Dad has never ordered before at a restaurant.  Or try out that new restaurant that Dad has  been meaning to go to but never had the time. 
  • 13. Work on a Puzzle together.
  • 14. Set up a Spa Day for Dad at home or book him an appointment at the local spa/ salon. 
  • 15. Have a paint night w/ Dad.  
  • 16. Do a Fitness class w/ Dad.  Either at the Gym or set up your Game Console.  Put on a Wii Dance competition game or Xbox Dance Dance Revolution. 
  • 17. Organize a Scavenger Hunt
  • 18. Go Hunting
  • 19. Go 4 wheeling in the mountains or desert. 
  • 20. Go to the lake and paddle board or boating.
  • 21. Spend a day at the pool. 
  • 22. Go Camping. 
  • 23. Plant a garden. 
  • 24. Make ice cream and other desserts.  Have an ice cream party. 
  • 25. Make Pizza together and have a pizza party at home w/ your gourmet chef skills.  It doesn't take much to make pizzas.  Just put together all of your favorite ingredients.
  • DID YOU FORGET TO GET DAD A CARD TODAY?  Don't feel bad.  Those cards companies are making a killing today charging people an arm and a leg for a printed piece of paper.  My son picked out one of those Hallmark Father's Day cards from Walmart and it cost us $5 for 1 card!  Wow!  I really wanted to put it back and save my money.  I think he would have been happier with a box of chocolates.  LOL.  So I went home and made you come cards so you don't have to spend $5 for a Father's Day card!  Here ya go!  I made 20 cards, $100 in Values.  Print whatever you like.  I would print these on card stock papers or photo papers to give the paper some weight.  





  • 26. Put together a time capsule. 
  • 27. Have a paper airplane contest.  See who can make the best paper airplane and whose plane can fly the highest and farthest. 
  • 28. Play Bingo and have prizes.
  • 29. Do a science kit together like build a robot or make a soda volcano. 
  • 30. Go to a National or State park. 
  • 31. Visit a nearby state like Las Vegas, California, Colorado, Florida, etc... 
  • 32. Go to the beach or make one inside. 
  • 33. Go online shopping. There are some great deals for Father's Day sales. 
  • 34. Put on some old records that Dad forgot about and he'll find some old new favorites again. 
  • 35. Invent a new recipe.
  • 36. Play video games.  Play new games or old games.  
  • 37. Watch an old movie favorite that Dad forgot about. 
  • 38. Gazing at the stars.
  • 39. Have a Nerf (water gun) competition. 
  • 40. Play a classic game like cops and robbers. 
  • 41. Go bowling or laser tagging.  Maybe even an arcade game. 
  • 42. Go watch a live Jazz band show. 
  • 43. Go watch a broadway play or musical. 
  • 44. Go to a local theme park. 
  • 45. play gold or mini golf. 
  • 46. Take a scenic drive around some natural or state park. 
  • 47.  Go to a Brazilian BBQ restaurant. 
  • 48. Order Take out and have a buffet of your favorite foods at home. 
  • 49. Create your own drink together w/ Dad.  Make your own alcoholic drink, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, Italian sodas, Root beer floats, soda floats, etc.. Or make your own Starbucks drinks. 
  • 50. FaceTime with your friends and family to celebrate Father's Day. 

Wheewww!!!  Did you see any good ideas in there that you might want to do tonight?  If you found too many good ideas then save this email and jot it down.  Father's Day should be celebrated through out the weeks, months, and throughout the year.  The Father figures in your life didn't just fulfill their roles on this 1 day.  They keep doing it forever, never stop, the clock doesn't stop, and they don't get paid for being an awesome Dad!  




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To Your Success!

-Helen Ross-




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