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I've been busy plugging away dealing with tech issues, hosting issues, computer issues, and all kinds of other issues.  My kids got sick and thank goodness it wasn't Covid.  And I'm dealing with all kinds of chronic health issues.  And working on my business is my way of coping with stress.  I know it's kinda ironic.  But it's a good distraction for me and it gives me an excuse not to have to face with reality.  
Many of you have asked about my course and it's in the works still.  I have been dealing with technical issues and software roadblocks so I am working through it.  I had a website made for my new course and that has to be scratched and now back to square one.  
Most of you have heard from the online community that a good size hosting company had some hardware issues and had equipment failures.  As a result, many websites disappeared, went temporarily offline, had missing datas, and some are still not back up 100% yet.  Some of those who were affected were prominent BIG names in the industry.   And unfortunately, these things do happen and so you must make contingency plans. 
First off, do you know that you have to backup your website very often?  Not only do you have to backup your websites but also your data.  So if you have plug-ins or third party softwares that are synced to your website's data, you also have to back those up too.  You can never have too many backups of your backups.  This is the reason why I have multiple computers and multiple hard drives.  I also have multiple cloud drives as well.  
Many have asked "Why isn't the hosting company backing up my data?"  Well, some do and some don't.  You cannot put your entire livelihood on 1 company and hope for the best.  Many people do assume that their hosting company backup their data for them.  Well this is true most of the time but what if there is a hardware failure or human errors?  We have no control over that.  So let's focus on the things that we CAN control.  
 Remember less than a year ago, Canva deleted my ENTIRE account worth 2 years of digital work!  Yeah, I had no idea that Canva could do that.  And I couldn't get a hold of anyone.  And all of my emails were ignored.  They didn't have a phone number or live chat or anything.  The only way for you to reach them is through emails.  And no, they do not answer them.  I still haven't gotten a response and it has been almost a year!  I know right?!  How can a Billion dollar company not answer their customer's emails? And it did happen to me!  You cannot backup your data on Canva.  BUT you CAN backup your website data. 
Ok, first off, make it a habit to download a copy of your website every week.  That way, if data is lost, you can refer back to your last backup copy.  And if you lose some new data, at least you still have your website and most of the data, and can make up for the ones that are lost.  You can backup your website every night, but most people do not make it a routine to do that.  There are many different types of websites and platforms out there.  So the best way to learn how to backup your website is to go on Google, and Google, "How to backup ___website".  So if you have a Wordpress website, insert it in the blank.  If you have another type of website, then insert that in the blank.  Your answer will pop up.  This only takes a few minutes to do and will save you so much heartache and headaches later!
I have included tutorials on how to backup your websites on the most popular website building platforms.  If you don't see your platform, just email me back and I will add the resources for you.  
So don't wait until a disaster or emergency to do this.  Do this today!  Set a reminder in your phone, watch, or sticky note to backup your data.  I will try to add a reminder and let you know that it's time to backup your data.  It has happened to me way too many times than I can count.  But I do take backup measures very seriously and have had contingency plans when disaster strikes. 


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Also, I really enjoy receiving emails from you guys asking me business questions.  So keep them coming.  It lets me know what you need help on and what you want me to talk about.  Running a business is so much more than a few softwares and spreadsheets.  I've been doing this for almost 25 years.  






To Your Success!

-Helen Ross-




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