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CANVA deleted my entire design library!

I just want to pour my thoughts out there and share my devastating experience.  And my hope is that my experience will prevent someone from having to go through the same heart breaking experience that I did.  

So I have been a paying customer of Canva for the last 2 years.  If you guys don't know what Canva is, it is a very popular design software that is cloud base.  It is all the rage right now.  So for the past few months I discovered that they have double billed me.  Somehow my 1 Canva account became 2 canva accounts (linked together under a Team), and I was being double billed for 2 accounts when I really only signed up for 1.  I don't ever remember signing up for 2 Canva paying accounts or linking them together.  Anyways, I emailed their customer support at least 10 times and have gotten no response.  Until 4 months later (last week sometime) I finally got a response.  But the email was to "close out the support ticket because my issue was being resolved."  Ummmm... NO it wasn't resolved.  You cannot email a paying customer 4 months after their last email of several emails before that to tell them that their issue has been resolved when it hasn't.  And there were no follow up email or emails of any kind before that.  I wrote back and no surprise, I got zero response back.  It's like they have a lazy robot answering all of their customer support tickets.  Fast forward to this week, Canva was still billing me for 2 Canva accounts.  But today Canva has enabled a link in one of my account to unlink the duplicated account.   I was told by Canva FAQ that this would resolve what I was trying to do, unlink my 2 Canva accounts.  FYI: I have not deleted any of the accounts.  So after clicking the link, my 2 Canva accounts got separated but when I went to edit my design files, ALL of them were wiped cleaned and gone!  There was no warning notice or anything that said that my files would get deleted upon the unlinking.  Especially when all of the design work has been done only under 1 Canva account and 1 email.  Designs were never done under the duplicated account.  I have checked every folders and area within Canva from the 2 accounts and even the Trash folder.  And NOTHING!  My heart sank, my heart beat became more rapid, and I was beginning to have trouble breathing.  Yep, I had a panic attacked!  2 years of my life and half of my business was GONE and wiped cleaned in a split second.  I spent hours after that, writing emails after emails to Canva support, to every single email that I can google.  Considering their terrible customer service and track record of not responding to customers at all, I don't think that I have any chances of getting my files back.  I had no reason to be cautious of them for almost 2 years of a smooth design experience.  However, about 4-5 months ago, I was beginning to experience problems downloading my files.  My files would not download at all.  I wrote to their customer support for help but of course, I have never receive a reply back.  

After I have come to grip with my losses and through lots of prayers, I have decided to pick myself back up.  Canva can take away my designs that I have worked so hard for the last 2 years and almost desolated my business.  But, they have not taken away my ability to design.  So going forward, I will not be using Canva anymore to design my products.  I will only be using a design software that is sitting on my desktop or laptop.  In which I own and control those files.  And I have a Mac so TimeMachine (a backup feature) is turned on.  





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  • Bee@mummybongbong on

    Oh my goodness! It sure is devastating and I am glad that you came out stronger and took control!

    Sending you hugs!

  • michelle on

    Very unfortunate, what a devastating experience. I’m surprised that Canva
    doesnt have a more professional customer service. So pleased for you though
    that you’ve move on. Blessing

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