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ARE YOU READY FOR Q4? Tips, Goodies, & Freebies!

freebies Q4 to do list

I apologize for not staying in touch for almost a week.  I have been feeling sick and not having enough energy for about 2 weeks.  And then I started to have flu like symptoms and was bed ridden for almost a week.  That included 4 days of high fevers and feeling like my body was in shock.  At first I thought that I might have contracted Covid from who knows where (I haven't left the house in weeks).  And then at the health clinic, they ran all sorts of tests on me and come to find out that it wasn't Covid that I was suffering from.  I somehow contracted a kidneys infection, that is resistance to almost all treatments available.  I am on the last line of treatment.  And fingers crossed that this one works.  Because if it doesn't, the doctors said that I would need to be at the hospital hooked up to IVs and all sorts of kidneys monitoring machines.  Which all sounds extremely scary and the whole time, I was hoping that they were joking with me. But sadly, they weren't!  And through this whole experience I have learned that as entrepreneurs, we don't get sick days.  And we need to learn to recognize our body's signals.  And that we need to put ourselves first so that we can be there for others.  And so I want to share my experience with my readers because many of you are entrepreneurs yourself, or are thinking about taking the dive.  We need to pace ourselves so that we don't get burned out. Especially when life gets busy with homeschooling, running a business from home, covid, and a batch of other unplanned events. My kids pretty much homeschooled themselves this week.  And my husband took over taking care of the kids, cooking, and cleaning the house.  He has been SUPER DAD!  And I am so grateful for him.  

Even though I am still very ill.  Business and life must go on.  So here is a hack that I have learned and I will share with you.  Choose EASY!  I am planning for Q4 right now and I am going tell you just how to make life easier so that you don't burn yourself out planning for Q4.  If you are new or on the sidelines, this is the best time to try jumping in. If you can't make it during Q4, chances are, you are in the wrong niche. Even someone who doesn't know what they are doing will make something during Q4.

Get ready for Q4 in your business by working smarter and not harder. Use these commercial use rights products to fill up your shop. They all come with commercial use so its totally legal.  Here is a Free Q4 To Do Checklist that I made for you to get you started for Q4 planning

I want to share with you my newest collection, its at early birds special between $10-$17. There is a super bundle of 70 unique pages, and 4 smaller bundles. Hurry before the price goes up to $27 and $47 regular price.
Its a great value. Think of all of the mix and match products you can make from these bundles.


Also, our fall labels and stickers bundle has been a popular one this week. The price is still at $17 for almost 70 pages (47 pages and 22 bonus pages) and over 500 of labels and stickers. Comes with commercial use so that you can quickly make new products to sell. I am working on the Bonus course that comes with this bundle. Where I will show you how to customize these to make it your own.



My friend Ruth Bower has a super cute Planner kits and coloring pages. Buy anything from her shop and I will throw in a bonus of another 150 pages of coloring and craft pages. Just send me your receipt. 


My Bonus: 


My friend Faith is has super cute journals. She is also giving one new one away, so go download it now before her offer expires.

Done-for-you daily planner and calendar 2021 that you can upload and sell right away. Or customize with the fully editable Canva templates!


I saved the BEST for last. My friend Melody has made a set of Done For You Fully Dated Digital Planners. Its on sale right now at early birds pricing and save 25% off.   If you get the full bundle through my link, I will give you a BONUS of $50 in gift cards to spend on any digital products in my shop. If you only want to get the individual planners and not the full bundle, you will receive a BONUS FALL DIGITAL PLANNER. Use the 25% off coupon at Melody's shop, send me the receipt as proof of purchase through my link. And I will email your Bonus!


In the coming weeks, I will be writing a lot more tips, tutorials, and suggestions for a successful Q4.  So Stay tune!!!  Also, I would like to take a survey of what your interests are?  What do you want me to talk about? What would you like to see more of? What kind of tutorials or niche would you like me to touch on?  What kind of freebies should I make for you?  I will take everything into consideration and make you better contents and freebies!



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