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Third Annual Extravaganza - Printables, Planners, and Courses Galore!






 3rd Annual Extravaganza!

More Than Double The Products & Trainings This Year.

Every year the PLR & Printables Bundle Extravaganza has drawn the tops in the PLR & Printable world and this year it grew even bigger. 

You will find every type of PLR to fill your needs in your business. Articles, ebooks, journals, printables and of course coloring pages galore.

You will be set for content and products for months to come!

There is the Basic Bundle with all of the PLRs.  There are so many amazing products in this bundle that I lost count of how many there are.  

And if you want business and artistic trainings, then get the Upgraded Bundle (which includes ALL of the products in the Basic Bundle).  I got the upgraded bundle because all of the courses in the Upgraded Bundle are worth way more than the price of the entire bundle.  


I had a few people last minute who wrote to me because they missed the deadline for the $5 deals event.  So I cannot open up all of the products back up because they are not all mine.  But I can leave mine open for another 24 hours.  So please hurry if you want to get it.  It is worth way more in value if you were to make it yourself or hire someone to design it for you.  You cannot get anyone to make you a new product for only $5 per bundle.  If you missed it, last chance to GET IT HERE.


I had so much fun with this event.  Thank you to my awesome friend Ruthie for organizing this event.  Check out her shop.  Also, Ruthie is the Queen of Repurposing.  So if you are having trouble with not knowing what to do with all of these commercial use and PLR products, then you should check out her course: 


After taking her course, you will get the confidence that you will need to transform ANY existing commercial use rights products into brand new products that you can sell.  And no one else will have the same product that you do. 

There are A LOT of repurposing courses on the market recently of people taking apart commercial use products and private label rights products. And I have taken ALL of them. My most favorite is still Ruthie’s Content Repurposing course. Why? Because she IS the original Repurposing Queen on digital contents and who I originally learned content repurposing from. Also her course is massive and she is always adding more to it. She also teaches you the foundation of the art of content repurposing so that you can repurpose any PLR or Commercial Use products. Other courses are great add-ons, however, if you are on a budget, get Ruthie’s Repurposing course. And use the coupon for extra saving! 

5 Training Modules with 24 videos
5 Live Webinars with All New Material
1 Package of Starter Images
Extra Images Created in Each Training
Resource Page
Facebook Group for asking questions and additional support
Module 1 – Welcome to Creative Repurposing (You are here)
Module 2 – Where to find images you can legally use
Module 3: Creating new images from existing ones
Module 4: Working with lineart and patterns
Module 5: Creating journal templates with your new images
Module 6: Repurposing your coloring images as book covers
Module 7: Repurposing your coloring images on POD products
Module 8: Repurposing clipart into lineart
Module 9: Using mandala maker software to create images you can repurpose
Module 10: Repurposing Kids’ Coloring Packs
Module 11: Creating Digital Papers from Black & White Patterns – video coming soon.  

She teaches you how to take all of these products that you have purchased or have downloaded from a bundle and events, and turn them into a unique to sell.  From how to put your own spin on the original product, to how to take the whole thing apart, to make your own products, Ruthie will show you how.  I learned from Ruthie how to make use of all of the PLR & commercial use products.  She is a really great teacher.  And she is super nice. 

I have a lot of readers emailed and asked me questions on how to get started with internet marketing, email marketing, and affiliate marketing.  That is going to be a whole report itself.  And so it will need more time to finish writing that up for you.  I haven't forgot about your questions... I will address them in the next email.  So stay tune...

Also, I really enjoy receiving emails from you guys asking me business questions.  So keep them coming.  It lets me know what you need help on and what you want me to talk about.  Running a business is so much more than a few softwares and spreadsheets.  I've been doing this for almost 25 years.  




To Your Success!

-Helen Ross-




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