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10 Secret Tips To Having A More Productive Day





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How productive is your day?  If you work from home, like a third of the world work force, then the struggle is real.  If you are your own business owner, the struggle is even harder.  You'll find that getting focused on one task or mainly the money making tasks a bit challenging.  And avoiding squirrel moments is a bit harder when you work from home, or if you are your own boss.  The great things about being your own boss can also be a hinderance to you as well.  That's why here are some quick tips on how to squeeze out more time in your day.  I have 2 kids and I run multiple businesses.  I am always Mommy first and then Entrepreneur second.  Because I can't replace the memories with my kids but I can always make more money.  They won't be little forever.  And despite what people think about parents that work, our kids do not get in the way and they are not a nuisance.  At least I don't see it that way at all.  I enjoy being a hands on parent.  I am also on the school PTA and I volunteer regularly in my kid's classrooms and school activities.  If the teachers need me, I am there.  I check in with my kids' teachers regularly.  I don't want to miss a moment of them growing up. 

I am also like that in my business as well.  Even though most of my businesses, I have employees and people working on different tasks, I also have to check in on them regularly.  And it's also important to make sure that your team is happy and healthy.  When someone is not feeling well or if they don't like the work environment, your business is not going to get the best work.  Also, we spend at least a third to half of our life working, so it's important to find a job or a business that you actually enjoy.  Ok, now I'm off on a tangent again.  Here are the tips:

1. get up earlier in the morning. 

2. Before bedtime, keep a notebook next to your bed and brain dump any thoughts or tasks into it.  You'll sleep better at night. 

3. Do the things that you dread first thing in the morning.  This will get it out of the way and you won't procrastinate. 

4. Keep a "Celebration List" NOT a To Do list.  What is a "Celebration List"?  It's a list of things that you've done and completed throughout the day.  No matter how small the tasks are, just jot it down.  You'll feel better at the end of your day.  And you'll see where you are spending the bulk of your time too.  Very helpful in seeing where you are wasting your time.  Or you might be surprised to learn that you've gotten more things done than you give yourself credit for. 

5. Have a buddy system.  Sync up with a business friend so that you guys can hold each other accountable.  I'll give more tips on this later this week.  

6. Refrain from looking at your phone.  If you have to check your emails, go on your desktop or laptop.  Your phone is full of distractions with apps and notifications galore!

7. Pack yourself a lunch first thing in the morning.  Even if you work at home.  That way you don't have to leave the office for an hour or take a long lunch break at home.  Because it's never just an hour for lunch!  When you get back to your desk, it usually takes a little bit to get back into the working mode again. 

8. Have a BIG desk calendar (dry erase version or paper version is fine.  Use whatever you want.  It's a good idea to have a big overview of your month or week.  This helps you be mindful of your schedule and fill in the days that are not full.  

9. Meal Prep for the week on Sunday nights.  Meal prep for your kid's lunches or for the family for the week.  I will share a meal prep system that I use in a later email. 

10. Program all of your schedule in a google calendar or similar system.  It can sync to your phone and desktop.  Automate the technology to be your personal assistant.  And it's FREE!  I set up reminders for all of my deadlines, appointments, meetings, zooms, kids' schedule, things to do, etc... Never forget to get an oil change again!



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To Your Success!

-Helen Ross-




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