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How a Simple Tweak Can Be The Secret To Your Success





Guess where I had dinner last night?  I feel so lucky to have nice weather and being able to socialize with real people again.  I took a break from working to enjoy some time with family.  It feels so good.  We had dinner at a tucked away restaurant up in the Mountains.  And there was a live Jazz band playing music while we ate our meal.  It was one of the most delicious dishes that I've had in a while.  It was a perfect night.  And I am so thankful and grateful that my favorite restaurants are still in business.  We went out to support our local businesses.  And it is also important to nurture our body, mind, and spirits.  Many businesses were hit hard the last 12 months.  And if the owners did not have a resilient mindset, they probably would not have made it through the hard times.  The owners and the staff here are the nicest!  

It is so important to have a healthy mindset when you own a business.  It doesn't matter if you are brand new to the entrepreneurship world or a seasoned pro.  Having a positive mindset really does affect your bottom line.  Which is why it totally blew my mind away when I realized that most people's failures isn't what they know or what they don't know.  Your success and  failure is 100% dependent on your mindset.  And it is so surprising for me to discover that most newbies do not find the topic of mindset important.  Maybe that is why statistics show that more than 90% of new entrepreneurs fail.  

Some of you don't even have any idea what I am talking about. Let me break it down for you.  It's really simple.  If you don't have the right mindset when you are starting a business then the journey will be much more treacherous for you.  That's why there are so many books out there on the topic of mindset.  For example, Tony Robbins built his whole empire on having a positive mindset.  Oprah also dedicated a whole episode to "The Secret," to getting anything you want in life.  The famous book "Think and Grow Rich."  Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad series.  What is the difference between someone who is successful and someone who can't seem to catch a break?  It's very simple, Mindset!
Some people will say, well, Helen, it's easy for you to tell us this.  But I still don't see how having the right mindset is going to help me grow my bottom line.   It's very simple, if you think you are going to fail, before you even get started, how likely is it that you will succeed?  And if you want to be rich but you don't have the motivation to put in the effort everyday, then how likely is it that you will make money?  If you are a shy person but you are scared to put yourself out there to share your products or your services, how will the world even know you and your products exist?  Are you beginning to see how important having the right mindset is now?  Something that not many people put any value on, actually can be the catalyst that leads to your big break and dream life.  
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You guys are going to need this...You know all of those awesome bundles that thousands of you purchased in the last few months?  I've gotten so many emails from my readers asking me for advice on what they can do with all of the commercial use rights and plr rights products that everyone downloaded.  My awesome friend Ruth Bower, AKA "The Queen Of Content Repurposing" along with her business partner Jenn are putting together a quick 5 days challenge to help you make the most use of those digital products.  I originally learned how to turn existing contents into new ones from Ruth when I first started.  Ruth is by far the BEST and my most Favorite instructor on this topic!  She makes it doable and easy.  Also, it helps that she is one of the nicest people that I have ever met.  This awesome coaching challenge is only $5.  A wonderful Steal at the moment.  She already got hundreds of students opting in to learn, so come and join them.  Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the very BEST!
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Also, I really enjoy receiving emails from you guys asking me business questions.  So keep them coming.  It lets me know what you need help on and what you want me to talk about.  Running a business is so much more than a few softwares and spreadsheets.  I've been doing this for almost 25 years.  

If I have not yet addressed your question, don't worry, I am working on it.  I get so many requests for topics to cover that it takes time to write it up for you.  Some topics are so large that it will require a whole ebook.  Because I want to be thorough and give you the best helpful tips and resources.  Thank you for your patience. 



To Your Success!

-Helen Ross-




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