Who is Your Target Audience? Who are you trying to attract in your business?





I am a member in several mastermind groups and this week, the topic of "Target Audience" came up.  And as we are going around the table talking and sharing, it was brought up that it is important to have a FOCUS on who we are trying to attract to our businesses.  It doesn't matter what you are selling.  However, there is a buyer for your product, otherwise why would you make the things that you do.  Just like in dating, who are you trying to attract to come to check out what you have to offer? 

Many of the members shared that their Target Audience are people like themselves.  Well, naturally so because we can relate to someone like us the best.  I like pretty things so I am going to design and make pretty things to sell.  Someone else may like a certain theme or color and they would make things for that.  So I want you to sit down with a pen and paper and start to journal out who you think your Target Audience are at the moment.  And then write down who you WANT your Target Audience to be.  Does the two match? Does your dream customer look like the types of customers who are coming into your store?


 Also, as your business grows or transform, your target audience will change too. In other words, your customers might not change but who you are attracting does change.  Someone wrote to me a few weeks ago and it was a beautiful email.  She said that her business has changed so much since she has began her entrepreneur journey.  She has switched from so many different types of product offerings to so many different marketplaces and platforms.  And she is having a hard time finding something that sticks.  And she is hoping that what she is currently doing will be something that works.  And that she could stop and do this one thing for a long time.  

I really wanted to reach into my computer monitor and give her a big hug.  And tell her that I can totally relate.  Because this was me and it is still in some form me.  The business environment changes, our world changes, and our customers' needs changes.  Take 2020 and 2021, how much has changed in the last 12 months?  So even for those of us who have found something that we are successful at, we are still constantly changing and evolving.  And some of us have had a forced change overnight due to circumstances that are out of our control.  I want to tell you that this is totally normal.  If you ever see interviews of millionaires and billionaires, or any famous people, rarely ever does someone achieve success overnight.  And 99.9% of successful people took many years, many tries, many detours, and failures to get to where they are today.  And they still don't stop there and they are constantly reinventing themselves.  

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