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The Universe is Listening...And You Need This Freebie!





 WELCOME NEW MEMBERS!  We are so happy that you are here.  We have so much to share with you.  You are here because you have opted to receive one of our products from a recent event and bundle.   

The "Amp Up Your Business"
Summer LIVE Workshop Series!!

The Universe is Listening...And It Wants You To Succeed!  

If you missed my last email where I gave a quick affiliate marketing checklist, you can read it here:

Even if you suck at marketing or don't have time to put in a ton of effort, you can still be successful at affiliate marketing.  Heck, I do it as a side hustle for fun and it still works for me.  It took me years to crack the code on it and I've spent easily in the 5 digits range for courses on affiliate marketing.  But once I cracked it, it wasn't even 10% as hard as what all of the gurus made it out to be.  And it was something that Melody Wigdahl had said to me in one of her free Kitchen Sink session, many moons ago.  I had an "Ah Ha" moment and the rest was history! 

I got an awesome freebie for you today... It's on the topic of affiliate marketing.  You can never get enough training on this topic!   Link below this email.  

Get your free gift and take action today.  You can get started implementing what you have learned and what I have taught you (in the last email), by promoting the Digital Divas event.  You get 100% commission for the live workshops!  It's a GREAT deal for your community and it will be a great income for you!  If you were to pay for 5 live workshops, it would easily cost over $200 or more.  Some gurus charges upwards of 4 figures for their trainings.  You also get the replay as a bonus for free.  

#1. Sign up for the event.

#2. Sign up to be an affiliate (link below).  

Get your affiliate link now:
Affiliate Sign Up!!

Listen, I can lead you to water, but in the end, YOU have to decide if you want to take action on it.  I am frugal, I love getting a great deal, and I also love making money.  I think making money should be fun and enjoyable.  No matter if you do it for full time or part time.  So when I see a great deal or a great opportunity, I like to share them with you.  Why?  Because I see so much potential in every one to succeed.  And sometimes, all it takes is 1 light bulb or an "Ah Ha Moment."  

Recap of the 5 workshops:  Learn from Ruth Bowers, Meloday Wigdahl, Jan Small, Helen Ross (Me), and hosted by Stephanie Hansen!

Topics are: Make money without doing extra work for contents you already have on your hard drive,  10x your income with a VA/Assistant,  WordPress Workshop with Melody, Amp up your Branding no matter what stage of your business, and a special Round Table session. 


Register here:  The "Amp Up Your Business", Summer LIVE Workshop Series!!

Become an Affiliate!!
All front-end sales pay 100% commission!!
Get your affiliate link now:
Affiliate Sign Up!!
And Yes, this offer qualifies for $20 in gift certificate to my shop (good towards any digital products in my shop).  So that essentially you are making money on this purchase!  And you'll make more if you sign up to an affiliate and sprinkle your affiliate link everywhere.  It makes me smile when I see you succeed!
Also, anytime you buy anything through any of my links, I will match your invoice with gift certificates to my shop (for anything digital).  My credits never expires.  I have also added a bunch of new products to my bonus page.  Come take a look and use your certificates.  



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MORE GOODIES TOMORROW!  I have also added A LOT of new Bonus products.  So if you have any coupons or gift certificates, please do use them.  My coupons and gift certificates that are assigned to you for products never expires.  


To Your Success!

-Helen Ross-




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