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Are You Passing Up 5 Opportunities To 10x Your Income This Year? Hurry Prices Goes Up!





 WELCOME NEW MEMBERS!  We are so happy that you are here.  We have so much to share with you.  You are here because you have opted to receive one of our products from a recent event and bundle.   

Jan will be speaking about how to 10x your income with help from VAs (Virtual Assistance) for her workshop.  And she just released a VA Planner that is perfect for her workshop topic.  So I got a copy for myself so that I can follow along.  You can check out Jan's VA Planner in this email.  The last course that I saw on how to hire a VA wanted to charge me $1697!  Yes!  It's expensive so when Jan said that she is doing this training on the topic of VAs, I want to tell everyone about this so that you guys can save so much money!  Jan can totally charge way more but she wants to give the community a crazy awesome value!  So go take her up on it because the price goes up!

When I was little, my grandfather always taught me that "one should never pass up an opportunity to learn."  I have lived by these words of wisdom all of my life.  And because of this mindset, I am able to build the life and security that I have today.  I cannot tell you how many times where I have attended webinars and trainings that I "thought that I didn't need."  And those were usually the events that have triggered some of my best light bulb moments.  You don't know what you don't know.  So here is one of the BEST opportunities to learn!  You get 5 Live Workshops and the Replays so that you can come back to the information over and over again.  There will also be handouts that will be given out during the live sessions (wink wink).   Hurry, it's only $17 now for ALL of the workshops!  Crazy Awesome Deal.  And it will go up in price on Monday to $97.  Monday is also the First Live Workshop session with Ruth Bowers!  If you want to check out the topics, speakers, and schedule, go to the Sign up link below and you will see all of the details!  

Even though I am advanced in my niches and industries, I am still learning new things every time I attend a live workshop.  

#1. Sign up for the event.

#2. Sign up to be an affiliate (link below).  

Get your affiliate link now:
Affiliate Sign Up!!

Recap of the 5 workshops:  Learn from Ruth Bowers, Meloday Wigdahl, Jan Small, Helen Ross (Me), and hosted by Stephanie Hansen!

Topics are: Make money without doing extra work for contents you already have on your hard drive,  10x your income with a VA/Assistant,  WordPress Workshop with Melody, Amp up your Branding no matter what stage of your business, and a special Round Table session. 


Register here:  The "Amp Up Your Business", Summer LIVE Workshop Series!!

Become an Affiliate!!
All front-end sales pay 100% commission!!
Get your affiliate link now:
Affiliate Sign Up!!
And Yes, this offer qualifies for $20 in gift certificate to my shop (good towards any digital products in my shop).  So that essentially you are making money on this purchase!  And you'll make more if you sign up to an affiliate and sprinkle your affiliate link everywhere.  It makes me smile when I see you succeed!  Bonus is already added to Warrior Plus.  So you will see a link or button to redeem the bonus from the purchase history page. 
Also, anytime you buy anything through any of my links, I will match your invoice with gift certificates to my shop (for anything digital).  My credits never expires.  I have also added a bunch of new products to my bonus page.  Come take a look and use your certificates.  
I also invite you to email me any questions.  Please reply to this email for your questions so that I can get your emails.  Google has been messing up all of my emails in my inboxes.  Does anyone have that problem?  I seem to be missing emails and there is nothing that I can do about it.  It's because during the last few months, there has been a flood of spam bots that have been flooding my customer service emails and email forms.  It's from all of these solicitors who have bought website contact scraping softwares!  I think those should be illegal.  Because they are essentially obtaining all of these contacts unethically.  And also because of their non ethical behaviors that they give the entire internet entrepreneurs a bad name.  (big sigh). 


SO MANY SALES THIS WEEKEND.  But I am only listing products that I have bought.  


USE CODE: SUPERSALE to get your discounts!


USE CODE: SUPERSALE to get your discounts!

"How to Embrace Contentment (Even When Times Are Tough)" 4-week eCourse.  GET IT HERE>>  

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MORE GOODIES TOMORROW!  I have also added A LOT of new Bonus products.  So if you have any coupons or gift certificates, please do use them.  My coupons and gift certificates that are assigned to you for products never expires.  


To Your Success!

-Helen Ross-




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