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A Courtesy Reminder... And A HUGE discount on essential courses




​​If you're new to my community, Welcome!!! I am so happy that you are here to join us.

Remember the awesome Creative Repurposing Course from Ruthie that I couldn't stop talking about?  Well, it's on a Flash sale today and tomorrow.  I have NEVER seen this course go on sale before.  And I bought it at the full price.  Ruthie is always adding more updates and contents to this course.  And it is on sale now.  Save 30% on everything in her store including the Creative Repurposing Course.

Coupon Code: EASTER30 (can be used up to 3 times).  

And you will still qualify for my bonus :)

So after taking her course, you will get the confidence that you will need to transform ANY existing commercial use rights products into brand new products that you ca sell.  And no one else will have the same product that you do. 
There are A LOT of repurposing courses on the market recently of people taking apart commercial use products and private label rights products. And I have taken ALL of them. My most favorite is still Ruthie’s Content Repurposing course. Why? Because she IS the original Repurposing Queen on digital contents and who I originally learned content repurposing from. Also her course is massive and she is always adding more to it. She also teaches you the foundation of the art of content repurposing so that you can repurpose any PLR or Commercial Use products. Other courses are great add-ons, however, if you are on a budget, get Ruthie’s Repurposing course. And use the coupon for extra saving! 

BONUS: Get $50 Gift Certificate when you purchase through my link. Good towards all digital products in my shop. I have over 500 digital products, so you have plenty of products to choose from.

5 Training Modules with 24 videos
5 Live Webinars with All New Material
1 Package of Starter Images
Extra Images Created in Each Training
Resource Page
Facebook Group for asking questions and additional support
Module 1 – Welcome to Creative Repurposing (You are here)
Module 2 – Where to find images you can legally use
Module 3: Creating new images from existing ones
Module 4: Working with lineart and patterns
Module 5: Creating journal templates with your new images
Module 6: Repurposing your coloring images as book covers
Module 7: Repurposing your coloring images on POD products
Module 8: Repurposing clipart into lineart
Module 9: Using mandala maker software to create images you can repurpose
Module 10: Repurposing Kids’ Coloring Packs
Module 11: Creating Digital Papers from Black & White Patterns – video coming soon. 



1. Productivity & Profit Publishing Bundle - DEADLINE APRIL 7, 2021 The deadline for this event is coming up very soon.

2. PLR Stack - DEADINE APRIL 15, 2021

3. Homepreneur’s Adventures Swag Bag - I checked on this over the weekend, and the deadline is in May 2021, so you have plenty of time if you already have the PDF for the product list.  If you do not have the PDF for the product list than that means that you missed the sign up window for this free swag bag.  So you won't be able to download any of the files if you did not have the PDF.  There will be another event sometimes in June (no set date yet) and I will keep you posted so that you don't miss out. 

4CCCT Tool Box - I checked on this deadline, and it is sometime in May 2021.  To access this event, you have to log into your account and then you can start downloading the freebies. 

TIPS: Remember, don't have shiny object syndrome when it comes to bundles and freebies.  Try NOT to sign up for everything. Not everything will be a fit and if you are not going to use it in 3-6 months, then why let it take up space on your computer or thinking about it? So pick and choose what you will truly use in the next 3-4 months and commit to doing it.  Don't have FOMO.  




Commercial use license included with this freebie.  Also I heard today this Freebie Bundle will be going away very soon.  So if you haven't downloaded it yet, then do so before it's gone and you'll have to pay for it. 


Some of the most common questions that I get asked A LOT about is how do people in our industry keep track of all of their PLR and digital assets and how to keep it organized. Especially after downloading all of those wonderful digital bundle products. Now you need to know how to organize them and keep track of them so that they do not collect digital dust. It’s at a great price point. It’s ONLY $27.

BONUS: I think this product is a GREAT value on it’s own, and to sweeten the deal, I will give you an Excel and Google Spreadsheet of the system that I use to keep track of all of my important digital assets. The spreadsheets are self explanatory; however, if you run into trouble using it, I can record a walk through. I use this same system everyday to run my business!  I also added more to it and made the files bigger.  I'll keep adding more to this product as more people ask for what they need. 

Digital Business Audit Workbook + Trello Board
Taking stock of your resources is an integral part of a successful business. Yet, it's amazing how many people don't do this crucial task. We want to see you succeed, so we've developed this handy Digital Business Audit Workbook + Trello Board to help you organize your vital information, resources, and more...

The Digital Business Audit Workbook + Trello Board gives you an easy place to organize your vital business information including:
Your business description
Your major customers and suppliers
Government registration numbers
Lists of domains you own
Social media accounts
and much more...




Get Thousands of Pinterest Viewers for FREE?

I actually own this course and it is one of the BEST courses out there on this topic.  It's quick but FULL of golden nuggets.  I have purchased courses of the same topic for over $500 that can't even compare to this one.  So pick it up at a super bargain price of $37.  Hurry, before the price goes up!


You are busy and don't have the time to go through a fluffy course with multiple modules.  Instead, this training is 2 hours full of direct actionable Pinterest advice.  After this no-fluff training you will learn:
The Secret Pinterest pinning strategy that brings the authors over 60k page views a month to her blog and printables.  She has never told this secret to anyone!
How to make money from Pinterest with no blog
Recent Pinterest updates that are affecting your pins and what to do about it. Your traffic may be at risk!
How to create a high-converting pin
Pinterest trends and upcoming niches
Latest Canva updates
BONUS #1 high converting product pin Canva templates
BONUS #2 slides
ALL OF THIS FOR ONLY $37 for a limited time!
Complimentary to the Above course, is 
After this training, you will learn how to do keyword research on Pinterest.
Pinterest has had lots of updates so they show you what is working NOW!
I spent $300 on a Pinterest marketing course a few months ago and so for $37 dollars, you are getting a super bargain!  I have taken so many courses from the same authors and they are very good at what they do.  And the tips they show you, really does work.  Skip the expensive Pinterest courses that may be outdated. Instead, check out our inexpensive Pinterest training for keywords.
Look at some of the results...

Also, if you have missed any of my previous articles, resources, and freebies, you can catch up here:

Don’t forget that I provide some great FREE resources that others charge money to teach you. 

Please email me your receipts so that I can get you your bonus!  


To Your Success!

-Helen Ross-





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