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 This almost didn't happened today...What almost didn't happened?  A LOT of things.  All Great Things!  I have had so many challenges and setbacks that I had to work through in the last few weeks.  At times it felt almost easier just to quit and walk away.  But I am not a quitter and I've never quit at anything in my life.  Even when things don't work out as planned, I would try and try again.  

First my daughter got sick.  Then my new printer wouldn't print.  I spent a weekend trying to fix it.  Then my emails wasn't working.  I almost had a house fire because one of my stand alone heating unit caught on fire.  It sparked, started to flame, almost caught the rug on fire, smoked up the whole house, shorted half of the house.  It crashed my computer because my computer was on the same circuit.  Then I could barely get my computer to turn back on.  I lost some files that I was working on, and I ended up having to redo those lost files.  Took me a few sleepless nights, but I got them done and submitted.  And I also successfully prepared for a few Black Friday launches.  All the while my new platform and sales page didn't want to work, and my payment processor is temporarily holding onto my money and won't release it.  And That's not all!  Yes, there is more!  In another business, we are dealing with a hostile partner.  More details on that one when the dust settles.  One of these days, I will write a book about this.  

But I am not writing all of the bad stuff that I had to work through to make you feel sorry for me.  Quite the contrary!  I want to share that despite EVERYTHING that has gone wrong these last few weeks for me, I have had so many things that have gone right!  And I am thankful for those things.  For example, I finally have my new course platform up and running.  And I am so proud of my sales page for my Black Friday offers.  Never underestimate the power of a sales page that works.  All of the buttons work like it should.  And I am launching some of my Black Friday offers today.  And even though things are stressful with this bad partner, there is nothing that I can't handle.  I got this!  

So my advice for anyone going through bad times or life's hiccups, things can and do get better.  You just can't quit.  Deal?!  You just keep working through them.  Bite size at a time.  You have a more realistic expectations.  Do your best, and the universe will take care of the rest.  And the most important thing is always keep the Faith that things Will and Do get better.  

Also, today is my turn on the Digital Divas Ocnocember Blowout 2022.  I worked so hard to even get this offer put together for you.  And it's only $9 for today only!  You don't have to buy them if you don't need it.  But please do check it out.  It's a helpful course and tool that I have put together to help busy entrepreneurs to get through some of the business chaos.  I very much appreciate my community, I heart you all!  And please let me know what more you would like to see from me and how I could help you.  


The Digital Divas are BACK! And they have some amazing deals for the next several days. Today's deal is presented by Me. Go and check the offer out>>

MORE GOODIES TOMORROW!  I have also added A LOT of new Bonus products.  So if you have any coupons or gift certificates, please do use them.  My coupons and gift certificates that are assigned to you for products never expires.  


To Your Success!

-Helen Ross-




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