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 WELCOME NEW MEMBERS!  We are so happy that you are here.  We have so much to share with you.  You are here because you have opted to receive one of our products from a recent event and bundle.   



I just want to send a quick reminder for you to go and checkout the Daily Deals page really quick.  In an hour or so, the deal will change.  So if you check out the daily deal yet, go and check it out. 

Yesterday I talked about a contest, that contest is still going on until the end of the month.  And I had problems with my email.  So if you were to email me yesterday, it might have bounced back and you might have gotten an "undeliverable" email.  I am sorry.  I've been plagued with tech issues last month and this month.  I will make a form for this contest and so please hang tight and I will share a link to the form in the next email.  I've been swamped this week and I haven't had time to make a form. 

I was in a group zoom yesterday and someone said something about "Holiday Hacks." Holiday hacks is called Costco to me! I keep things pretty simple in my house hold. Because Holidays are usually my busiest times of the year. So I don't make it harder on myself. I plan out my meals in advanced and do as much prepping for them in advanced as I can. I also freeze whatever that I can in advanced and then on the day of the dinners, I just have to worry about the Turkey or Chicken (in my case). What are your Holiday traditions and recipes?

The Digital Divas are BACK! And they have some amazing deals for the next several days. Today's deal is presented by the talented Melody Wigdahl. Go and check her offer out>>

MORE GOODIES TOMORROW!  I have also added A LOT of new Bonus products.  So if you have any coupons or gift certificates, please do use them.  My coupons and gift certificates that are assigned to you for products never expires.  


To Your Success!

-Helen Ross-




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