Use your Hobby to Find More Friends

Hobbies Make Life Fun


Make a commitment to having fun, see your best friends and make time for your hobbies and passions- Robert Holden


Friendships enhance our lives. Finding great friends and sharing experiences builds lasting connections that sustain us and help avoid issues like depression and loneliness. Even the most introverted people enjoy some form of community now and then. 


Our lives are very busy, between family and work there isn’t always time for friendships. Hobbies are a proven way to reduce stress and build esteem. Engaging in hobbies with other people can add to the benefits by increasing your social circle and helping enjoy experiences with like-minded people. 


Here are some super fun ways to use your hobby to find more friends


Meetup groups make hobbies and finding friends fun- Meetup groups are a great way to explore and engage in a hobby while making like-minded friends. From sip-n-paint events to mud runs, there are plenty of ways to engage in a hobby with other people. Over time you may develop some of your best friendships by meeting up with people who love to do the things you enjoy. 


Virtual groups create world-wide connections- Thanks to the world-wide web it’s possible to join hobby or personal interest groups that span the globe. Thanks to platforms like Zoom, Facebook, and other social media sites, people can gather virtually and engage in an activity or connect and collaborate with people who enjoy the same hobbies. These friendships can transcend location and become very rewarding. 


Hosting workshops or teaching classes- If you find it hard to connect with people who love the same hobby, hosting might be a solution. Hosting a workshop or teaching a class is a great way to engage with people. Perhaps they already enjoy the same hobby or take an interest because you’re offering them an option to learn more. Leading a group or a class and create the opportunity to make new friends and enrich the lives of others. 


Having a hobby and building relationships goes hand in hand. Enjoying other people who have the same interests makes engaging in a hobby fun. It also creates the ability to-


  • Learn new tips and tricks
  • Teach and share knowledge
  • Showcase your talents
  • Laugh and have fun!


If you enjoy meeting new people, finding a social group that is centered on a shared hobby is an excellent way to increase your number of friends and enjoy your favorite hobby at the same time.  



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