Find a Hobby and Make Life Fun!

Hobbies Make Life Fun


A Hobby a day keeps the doldrums away- Phyllis McGinley


Life requires a lot of commitments. Being responsible means doing what you have to do before doing what you want to. Being responsible is a very good thing. We should all strive to be diligent to earn a living, make a home, and be a healthy member of our family, but there needs to be room for things that fill us up personally too…all work and no play isn’t a smart way to live. Finding a hobby…or hobbies, is a great way to add some spice to your life and create healthy outlets for


  • Creativity
  • Health 
  • Fitness


  • Extra income 


Hobbies are an excellent way to make life fun- There’s a lot of buzz about the benefits of self-care. Doing things that make you happy and replenish your energy are smart. Taking care of your physical and mental health are important parts of self-care and having meaningful hobbies is an excellent way to routinely take care of yourself. Besides that, hobbies are fun! They can be enjoyed alone or in the company of like-minded people who love the same things you do. 


Hobbies are great for your mental health- Hobbies can help you decompress or unplug from the world. They are an excellent way to take your mind off of worries or provide the time to sort through your thoughts while you do something else. Being creative is known to increase serotonin levels in the brain which elevates your mood, regulates your digestion and sleep patterns. 


Hobbies are great for your social health- Many hobbies can be enjoyed with like-minded people. It’s fun to have a tribe of people who enjoy the same activities that aren’t work or family related. Healthy social engagement can help reduce stress and improve overall satisfaction with life. Friendships help prevent depression and loneliness and can extend life expectancy.


Hobbies are great for your physical health- Some hobbies can keep you fit while others can emphasize internal health. From running to vegan cooking, there are all sorts of hobbies that support physical health and make life fun. 


Hobbies are great for your creative health- We all need a way to express our creative side. Creativity isn’t limited to art. Creativity is any activity where you can express yourself on your own terms. Being creative can include painting or designing a garden, there are no limits on what creativity means or looks like. It simply requires using your mind to express yourself without inhibition. 


Ideally, everyone should have a hobby for their physical, mental and creative health. Having one or two outlets for each area of life can truly make it more fun and keep you happier and healthier. Finding and engaging in hobbies should be as natural as going to work or being a part of a family. 



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