Reduce Stress and Anxiety by Finding a Hobby

Hobbies Make Life Fun


Passion is energy, feel the excitement that comes from doing things that excite you- Oprah

If you’ve noticed an increase in stress and anxiety, a hobby may be just what you need. Hobbies generate an incredible healing benefit by reducing stress- which everyone needs from time to time. Unplugging and engaging in a hobby can help your mind and body relax. That’s because hobbies are a wonderful distraction from our troubles and a perfect way to unwind from stress. 


You can reduce stress and anxiety by finding a hobby that disengages you from worries and activates your enthusiasm. Shifting your focus from things that are troubling to activities that bring joy can help reduce anxiousness and restore peace and balance into your life. 


Stress and anxiety cause disruption in the body. When your mind dwells on issues and worries your body reacts by releasing hormones like cortisol which can increase blood pressure, cause the fight or flight response, and keep you feeling agitated, anxious and nervous. Being in a chronic state of stress and anxiety isn’t good for your health. Having an activity that isn’t stressful can counteract the intensity of cortisol and help you find balance. 


Did you know? Some people have a hard time relaxing and feel guilty “doing nothing.” Having a hobby gives them a chance to do something they enjoy while reducing their stress and anxiety without feeling badly for resting or relaxing. Even people who enjoy physical activities as a hobby find that it relaxes them and reduces their stress levels.   


Fun Facts about Hobbies and Stress Reduction 


Fact: Hobbies can reduce loneliness- Loneliness can cause anxiety. Having a hobby that includes other people can help reduce anxiety and build a social community. 


Fact: Hobbies can reduce blood pressure- Engaging in meaningful activities can stop an overload of cortisol dumping into the blood stream and release dopamine which helps your body feel better. Participating in a hobby can improve your heart rate and lower your blood pressure. Hobbies can improve mood and even make you feel friendlier. 


Fact: Hobbies can help you shift your focus- Disengaging from responsibilities and engaging a hobby can help you shift from stressful thoughts to healthier ones. Disrupting a stressful situation for as little as twenty minutes can help you reset your focus and make it easier to let worries or stress go. 


Fact: Hobbies can make life worthwhile- Having purpose and something to look forward to reduces anxiety and stress. Many activities in life are required and you may not be passionate about them. Having a hobby that you love can help add meaning to your life. From a special form of recreation that relaxes you and gives you something to look forward to, or a hobby that creates tangible objects that help others, having a hobby can make life worthwhile. 


Having a hobby can be good for your mental health. Hobbies contribute to a reduction in stress and anxiety. They can redirect intrusive thinking and give you an outlet to blow off steam or think about something positive. Use your hobby as a fun and healthy way to clear you mind and find peace.  


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